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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Clare Krishan

How ought Western Christians reconcile our understanding of the closing moments of Mary's earthly existence -- assumed "body and soul" -- with the Eastern concept of Dormition -- as "separation" of the swaddled Soul embraced into the bosom of the Eternal Judge leaving her earthly remains below in rigor mortis & decay -- as depicted in the Icon you have pertinently chosen to illustrate the Solemnity with?

IMHO the billowy clouds of so much saccharine Baroque art is no adequate substitute. My suggestion? The Asian tradition of attempting to capture the transcendent apo-calypse (retracting the veil) vision of her splendour in the fourth Glorious mystery as witnessed by Joshua Snyder's choice posted at his Western Confucian blog

Clare Krishan

I'm surely not the only one to note that the cloud swirls so prevalent in the brand management of the Beijing Olympics

evoke the aureola volutes favored for millenia by artists depicting the heavenly realm, see | / wiki / Aureola |
and | / wiki/ Halo_(religious_iconography) | Let us pray that Mary's intercession will open China to Christ

Imagine if Pentecost 2008 had been promoted with as much "renew the face of the Earth" vim and vigor (instead of the art scanned from dusty moddering old holy cards we are subjected to in so much Catholic design taste and etiquette a la EWTN mavens). Pray with me that youthful artists dedicate themselves with courage to their gift of creativity - conceiving "freedom ever new" for life is beautiful not only ::yesterday:: but also::today:: and -- with fervent hope -- ::tomorrow:: also!

Ed Peters

Ah yes, and who says canon lawyers can't write with evident grace? btw, I think it's Monsignor, now, not Father.

Clare Krishan

Found this Olympic-pool-sized depiction at Wikipedia
of the events we celebrate in the Solemnity, for comparison, worthy indeed of a Gold medal!

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