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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Robert Miller

Thanks for the commentaries by Fathers Williams and Schall.

"Proving", in the 20th/21st century context, that abortion is a heinous crime is analogous, in the same context, to proving that God exists. We know that neither proof depends on Revelation. Every intellect has the data at hand to make the correct judgment. But, if the intellect has been formed in hostility to Revelation, the integrity of its operation will be vitiated on the rational plane as well.

The pagan could understand the rational proofs. The post-Catholic neo-heathen cannot or will not.

This fact underscores the deepest difficulty impeding reception of Catholic social doctrine. Catholic social doctrine is abstracted from the experience of a pre-Christian (fallen) and Catholic (fallen, redeemed) world, transfigured in the Light of Revelation. But those whose program is "ecrasez l'infame", and their followers, will not even embrace Catholic social doctrine's natural principles, because the Catholic Church is the incarnation of the Kingdom.

MMajor Fan

Quote: "conservative estimates place the number of legal abortions performed worldwide each year at 25-30 million, a figure that alone makes abortion a social problem of staggering proportions."

Imagine that you see it as I see it in my mind's eye. Thirty million or more souls of rejected human lives floating back up to heaven like reverse snowflakes. Imagine how God perceives it. And people cannot recognize the rapture, the disappearing of the humans side by side, as they are doing it themselves. Abortion, the rapture factories. Anyone with a brain should shuddder in terror.

Ed Peters

I'm glad to see this column by TDW gettin picked up by so many good blogs. it was quite good.


Thank you for this post.

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