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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Carl E. Olson

My apologies to those who left comments on this specific post. I went to add the addendum and somehow messed things up, losing those comments. Sorry about that!


score one more for the great pacific northwest.

in the part of the U.S. where i come from, the chapel in the government-run hospital has a more-Catholic look and feel than the pictures you posted here, carl.

could it be that the cross in the picture is a reflection of the faith in that environment? if not watered down, then melted down.


I'm so sorry*. For non-Oregoninans, let me assure you there are solid Catholics in Oregon (even in Portland), even if we don't get much of a voice up here. We are doing as much as we can. I had no idea it was just as bad down in Springfield, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

The multiple choice options were absolutely hilarious, that's what I call comic relief.

*Not that I have to apologize for another person's mistakes (eg watering down the faith), but just to soften the blow.

Cristina A. Montes

I was hospitalized once, and the corpus on the crucifix in the room was in an abstract style. When I saw it, I thought, "Good grief! If there's one occasion where I would appreciate a realistic-looking crucifix to remind me of the supernatural value of suffering, it's here and now, while sick in the hospital."

Carl E. Olson

What is unclear to me (and I haven't looked into it very much) is the exact relationship between the hospital and the Archdiocese of Portland. It's not fair, I know, to put all or most of the blame for this on the Archdiocese. On the other hand, the chancery here has been a mess for quite a while, and you'll find a wide, wide range of parishes. The parishes in Eugene/Springfield area are a microcosm of Portland, ranging from solid, traditional parishes to lackluster, bland parishes to overtly nutty parishes. The Archbishop did come down and say Mass at the hospital chapel this past week. I'm guessing that everyone is being polite and no one is rocking the boat.

Oh, one more thing: a friend (a Deacon) who has seen the chapel in person, told me that there is, in fact, a tabernacle. It is kept in a small side room, which my friend described as a "closet" that resembles a "sauna," with the unusual looking tabernacle situated in the middle.

Nick Milne

Wait, stop everything:

Elder Nick Sixkiller

What hope do the rest of us have when there are men out there with names like that? I'm going back to bed.


What you propose to identify as a "a set design from a proposed new Star Trek movie, with a view from the newly designed captain's deck" is incorrect. It is actually Empero Palpatine's proposed conference room in a new Star Wars midquel, (after the prequels but before the sequels).


Gail F

Well I don't know about you, but I stay away from any event at which music thanatologists provide welcoming music. I know what it is supposed to welcome you to...

Rita Eberle

Anyone living in Eugene knows that the City tries to be all things to all people but rarely succeeds. The Chapel was meant to be non-denominational and it succeeded, but it is a bit too much of a knights of the round table theme to me.

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