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Monday, August 25, 2008



we can't deny the scandal in pelosi's remarks. because lots of people who heard her say that the Church's opposition against abortion was formulated within the last 50 years will actually start to believe it.

unfortunately, brokaw didn't bring in someone else to rebut her statements (or did he?). nbc should, even if the same viewers won't give his or her words as much weight as they did to pelosi's.

Dan Deeny

Thank you for this information on Nancy Pelosi, Archbishop Chaput, and the abortion business. I wonder what will happen. Will Rep. Pelosi change her position? Let us pray for her.

Mark Brumley

That pretty much does it.

Steve Cianca

Archbishops Donald Wuerl and Edward Egan have both issued strong statements denouncing Nancy Pelosi's outrageous statements. (See NRO's "The Corner" for links. Finally, we may be getting enough episcopal critical mass to challenge these political hypocrites and torpedo the "personally opposed" position as a viable political option.

Ed Mechmann

Cardinal Egan has also weighed in with a powerful statement:


“If you’re Catholic and you disagree with your Church. What do you do? You change your mind.”

Wow! That quote is why I love Archbishop Chaput. How can we ever hope to bring about a deep conversion if we do not rely upon an authority, other than ourselves, for guidance?


Looks like Pelosi's comments attracted a LOT of episcopal attention besides Archbishop Chaput...

The USCCB website has published a statement from the cardinal chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities and the bishop chairman of the Committee on Doctrine...

Archbishop Wuerl of the Washington Archdiocese has spoken out...

...and so has Cardinal Egan of New York.

Sleeping Beastly

Reading the snippets is one thing, but watch what happens to the Speaker when she gets hit with the question. Yow.


That is an excellently-put rebuttal to Pelosi's comments. Thank you, Archbishop Chaput, for being perfectly clear and succinct. I just hope it gets through to Pelosi, though if she can manage to talk herself into believing the Catholic Church is in any way unsure about the beginnings of human life, this still may not get through to her.

Gail F

Is that guy great or what? Too bad cloning is intrinsically evil! We could all use such a bishop.

Kathleen Parker's most recent column (ran in my paper today, I don't know when it came out) makes the great point that it's simply ridiculous for anyone to say that he or she doesn't know when life begins. Of course, Pelosi also said that she doesn't care when life begins...

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