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Monday, June 30, 2008


Augustine II

ugghggghhhhhh.... It all smells of sulfur. There's an excellent book called The Deceiver: Our Daily Battle with Satan that those tempted to swallow this tripe should read. It was the best-selling religious book in Italy in 2000, and it's now been translated into English. Have a look:

M. Jordan Lichens

Might I suggest that if one is not happy with the Catholic Church being the Catholic Church than perhaps they are not actually wanting to be Catholic. Just a thought.

Dan Deeny

Some questions: Is Zwartz right or wrong when he says that laypeople voted for the Pope during the first thousand years of Christianity? What was the name of the parish that had all the women lay ministers? And did you interview the parish priest to find out why things were done the way they were in his parish?


Lay people voted for the pope??? What a bizarre interpretation. And he says it very cunningly, allowing the reader to infer (wrongly) that everyone in ancient Europe, Asia, and the Middle East somehow got a vote. I suppose he wants us to set up a ballot system for several billion people. Geez, can people like Zwartz ever get it through their heads that EVERYONE IS NOT LIKE THEM? The way the U.S. government works (and it works very well) is not the way everything in the world can or should work. It isn't even possible, much less desirable. But that doesn't stop him from writing and, what's even more astonishing, being published, as if he had something to say.

Dan Deeny: The answer to your question is complicated. Certainly the system we have now, with cardinals sequestered in conclave to choose a pope, was not around for the first 1000 years. And certainly, lay people had a lot of say in who was made pope, or bishop, and often even in being ordained a priest, in various countries at various times. The Church's current independence from lay rulers was a hard-won victory over many centuries in many countries. And it is still being fought in places such as China. But there has never been a general election for the pope.

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