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Wednesday, June 18, 2008



I think "secrecy" at USCCB meetings is a matter of prudence rather than an abuse. What corporations don't have layered communication procedures? Even the author suggests, when he advocates opening up the meetings, the sharing of information with "competent" lay persons. Isn't that also "secrecy"? Could it be that the author is more concerned with who is deemed competent to know the secrets than secrecy itself?
Obviously the secrecy employed to cover up sexual abuse was sinful. I don't see a strong connection between the abuse of Catholic trust and executive-only meetings, however. Meanwhile, the reality that communication must increase and improve between bishops and the priests in their dioceses is being addressed, and hopefully communication between bishops and the Vatican, and between pastors and laypersons will likewise improve.
Other than that, this article sounds like a push for a VOTF-type co-governance of the Church. But then, I haven't read the book...


I couldn't read the complete article, but I have to agree in general with joanne's thoughts. A certain amount of "secrecy" is justified. Openness should ideally go hand-in-hand with *power* -- which the Church doesn't have -- but is not always necessary with *responsibility* -- which the Church has in spades.

Nevertheless, I pray that a certain amount of increased openness is taken on by the Church hierarchy, at a minimum to assuage the fears of Catholics that a "cover-up" is happening with the sex-abuse scandal. We are pretty sure it's not, but a continual reassurance of such is necessary in these times when the Catholic Church is being attacked left and right for its handling of this disaster.

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