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Friday, June 20, 2008



Dear hearts, I have a question that has perplexed me. Why are we so stupid? Our world is so better educated than ever before as a whole.


I'll take a stab at that Rose;

It's never been about education, but always about motivation.

Carl Olson

Rose: I, for one, don't think that much that passes for "education" these days is really education. In fact, most public education is little more than indoctrination. The same is often true of the 'education" found in most colleges and universities. We think that we know more because we have access to more knowledge. But, in fact, most people don't make good use of that information, nor do they know how to think well about and with the information they have access to.


Thank you for your thoughts both of you. I will use these in the future. They helped me-you have no idea. It has always bothered me since High School. I am very surprised that more people did not reflect.

And since I have recently starting blogging, I am shocked that people do not comment on the wonderful articles on the catholic blogs. The journalism is first rate along with the spirituality. I think this will change though. People want to start thinking instead of sitting in front of the TV all the time. I Hope, I Hope. I see many articles that envelope this. Sooner or latter they will take the step-someone or something will "motivate" them. I think that you writers are set apart from those educators in your efforts. I THINK also that God started the Blogging for this purpose, right Carl & LJ? Thank you again.

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