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Monday, June 16, 2008



Crisis pregnancy centers lie to women about their pregnancies and contraceptive options, to the point of telling them that they're not pregnant when they are and that they are pregnant when they're not. The federal government shouldn't give them one cent.



Barack Obama lies to the American public about the reality of his stance on abortion and contraceptive options that can severely harm a woman's body, to the point where he promotes the passive killing of infant boys and girls who are born alive after a botched abortion. He should not be in the federal government.

I hope you can clarify your accusation against CPCs. I also sincerely hope you don't mean what you said, that the federal government should not give them one cent considering the fact that these CPCs fight for the fundamental rights of every American, including the right to life that this government is supposed to uphold. Your comment, as is, is very disheartening and misleading.


...still waiting for DRF to provide evidence of his claims (link to court case, news story, etc.)

While we're waiting, here are some more unsubstantiated claims:

1) Obama's parents never wanted him to succeed politically, since they gave him the initials B.H.O., which rhymes with "boo," which you only say to bad guys.

2) Obama lies to voters about his beliefs and their political options, to the point of telling them he is not pro-abortion when he is and that they are religious fanatics when they're not. The electorate shouldn't give him one vote.

3) Peter was really a women, Jesus's half-brother was Buddha, and Al Gore invented the internet.

Francis Beckwith

The truth is that Doug Kmiec does not have a conceptual grasp of what the prolife position actually is. It is not about "reducing the number of abortions," though that is certainly a consequence that all prolifers should welcome. Rather, the prolife position is the moral and political belief that all members of the human community are intrinsically valuable and thus are entitled to protection by the state. "Reducing the number of abortions" may occur in a regime in which this belief is denied, and that is the regime that Senator Obama wants to preserve. It is a regime in which the continued existence of the unborn is always at the absolute discretion of the postnatal. Reducing the number of these discretionary acts by trying to pacify and accommodate the needs of those who want to procure abortions--physicians, mothers, and fathers--only reinforces the idea that the unborn are objects whose value depends exclusively on our wanting them.

Imagine if someone told you in 19th century America that he was not interested in giving slaves full citizenship, but merely reducing the number of slaves. But suppose another person told you that he too wanted to reduce the number of slaves by granting them the full citizenship to which they are entitled by nature. Which of the two is really "against slavery" in a full-orbed principled sense? The first wants to reduce slavery, but only while retaining a subhuman understanding of slaves as part of our juridical infrastructure. The second believes that the juridical infrastructure should reflect the truth about slaves, namely, that they are in fact human beings made in the image of their Maker.


Thanks for that crystal-clear explanation, Prof. Beckwith.

Dan Deeny

Many thanks for this information on Sen. Obama and Douglas Kmiec. The comments are very interesting. Does anyone know what Sen. Obama's position is on U.S. aid for reproductive services in developing countries? Does Kmiec follow Sen. Obama's plans for Africa, Asia, and Latin America? Sen. Obama brought his white American grandmother into the discussion. What about his black Kenyan grandmother? Would she support the abortion business? Does anyone have any information on these questions?

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