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Monday, June 30, 2008


Sandra Miesel

We certainly did make interesting enemies with DA VINCI HOAX.

Ed Peters

Reminds me of the blighters who use "in lieu of" as of it means "in light of". You know, in lieu of the risk of explosion, firefighters were withdrawn from the building.

Nick Milne

Oh come now; don't be so hard on the fellow. After all, he needs you to be both ranting and lethargic in order to have convincing grounds upon which to dismiss you entirely without refuting a single claim. You don't seem to understand how important this is to him; how much comfort he derives from it.

Let him be, let him be


I'd bet $1000 the guy hasn't read the book. All he does is review movies and this is the only book he's ever found interesting enough to review? Sure. Notice the lack of specifics regarding the arguments in the book. He's a fan of the movie and is hacked off that someone is picking on a favorite of his.

On Amazon, there are plenty of Catholic books with phantom reviews like this one. The idea being: "I already know I'm right--Why read the book?"

Charles E Flynn

The "helpful" count will soon be 0/10.


Too bad that count can't go into negative territory.

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