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Friday, June 27, 2008


Mark Brumley

Good for the Signatura, good for the Church universal, bad for St. Louis, unless his successor is just as good. Not an easy thing, that.

Ed Peters

You know who might make a good successor? Bp. Paul Zipfel. A St. Louis native, knows the presbyterate inside and out, was an auxilary there before going to Bismark, orthodox (of course), liturgically wise, loving heart, and a professional magician who could make quarters appear when the ice cream van rolled by, and who heard my first confession lo these many years ago at Ascension Parish. What's not to like?

Ed Peters

I just know I'm gonna some nasty notes from Bismarkians for even suggesting it. :)

Mark Brumley

Good pick.

Ed Peters

Oh, you'd say that about ANYBODY who makes quarters appear when the ice cream van rolls by.

Marcel LeJeune

We need to get another Texan into the mid-west.


Zipfel is too close to retirement age to be a likely candidate.

Ed Peters

He is close, or closish, I grant. Still, the Holy See is leaving guys in place much longer than usual. Part of the Bishop Crunch I predicted in HPR about 10 years ago.


Hello Mr. Peters,

Interesting what you say about Zipfel. I had forgotten about him. "liturgically wise" - this sounds promising. I'd love to learn more.

What of Perry or Finn as possibilities? Obvious Finn is young enough, orthodox enough, and knows the diocese - but he has been in KC for only a short time. And Lord knows KC needs him as badly as St. Louis might.

Straight Talk Express

+Dolan is a shoo-in for St. Louis, unless +Burke picks his successor. This is only a good move if Burke is made a cardinal. The chances of that happening are quite good, but the orthodox bishops of America are losing their fearless leader. Who will step up to replace him?

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