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Thursday, May 01, 2008


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moved by his humility and piety.


A wonderful analysis of Benedict's visit and what he was truly saying. But how many American Catholics are really listening? How many bishops and American educators are listening? Benedict has been saying these things all along, just because he visits America doesn't mean the apostates are going to listen. The decay of our culture is too widespread to hope that things will change in our lifetime. Benedict's words will echo down the century, but a truly healthy, holier culture will not take hold until 2075 or so, in my opinion.

Certainly, there are now pockets of hope. Young seminarians are far more orthodox. Religious orders who truly "get it" are thriving. But American Catholicism is in a shambles. Whatwith American Catholics clinging to consumerism, birth control, reproductive technology, divorce, co-habitation, abortion and gay rights, there's little to be cheery about.

Augustine II

Another excellent editorial from Neumayr. My favorite part:

"In a false age, Pope Benedict offers truth; to the weary and enslaved, he represents grace. As the eye naturally turns to light, so people of good will turn toward holiness."

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