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Monday, April 14, 2008



A Pope "who emphasizes spirituality over dogma"? Those blessed with the grace to embrace the Church know there is no conflict between the two. On the contrary, Catholic dogma is the most spiritual teaching there is. I'm reminded of Flannery O'Connor's comment concerning the Church's dogma on birth control: "The Church’s stand on birth control is the most absolutely spiritual of all her stands and with all of us being materialists at heart, there is little wonder that it causes unease."


These articles are nauseating.
A rotweiler or a poodle? Come on.
How about the Vicar of Christ on Earth?


Yes, yes, I know what your thinking ... Steven Proto-hero the first true
silly-man-popular-ish religious journalist to try to marry the Vatican off to
his third cousin Margaret who doesn't even remember him. But Proto-hero arrives on
newstands today to begin a six day running battle with B16.

While Proto-H misspelt some of his youth, the only words he's confortable
spelling now are proper one's like Aaron and Spelling and Rottweiler.
And could someone please send the poor man a Wonk-a-pedia for he
utterly reeks of geek or perhaps it's all geek to him.

No doubt some yet-as-unnamed generation will treat our Proto-hero as a
great rock star - without the rock and definitely without the star - yes
he is journalistically pop-ish (not popish) and writes like fourth
grader talking down to a second grader who doesn't even know the language.
And yet there is something 'almost' endearing about him. Perhaps, 'almost'
is altogether the wrong word.

Oh I have it - the word is 'nothing'.


God's Rottweiler or God's Poodle"????

Carl, you are right, this drivel isn't fit to print!

Gail F

Robert Miller

After reading Carl's post, I braced myself and "read the whole piece".

Prothero repeats the MSM mantra du jour of recent weeks that 10% of Americans -- 33% of US Catholics (pick which version of the stat best fits your polemical purpose) -- consider themselves ex-Catholics. Hmmm?

This Pew research tidbit stinks to me, because it serves so many agendas so well. To the MSM and "Catholic" liberals, it substantiates the proposition that the "real" Catholic Church in the US is dying (from lack of Vatican sympathy with assimilated US Catholics' sexual preoccupation). To Catholic "conservatives" (or "traditionalists"), it substantiates the proposition that the "real" Catholic Church in the US is ..., well, dying (from lack of Vatican perseverance in cracking down on US Catholics' sexual preoccupation). To both "Catholic" liberals and Catholic "conservatives, it raises the "spectre" of a Church in this country dominated by immigrants (they're already half of the younger age cohorts!).

Pew-eee! How timely the esteemed foundation's findings. Sound to me like the results of a push-poll.

First of all, if you ask people raised Catholic in this country whether they consider themselves Catholic today -- and you ask the question loaded with the whole steaming American sexual agenda -- you're going to get a whole lot of "no's" based on respondents' sense that they are "hopelessly" unable to live up to the Church's teaching (as they understand it, bowdlerized in post-Vatican II popular US catechetics). Actually, most of them probably are only "lapsed" Catholics -- like the maybe 33% of Catholics who used to "sit out" Communion back in the old days. (In some ways, they may be even better Catholics than many of the 100% of Mass attendees nowadays who receive).

Second, the Pew research reveals in both researchers and respondents an uneasiness about the rising tide of Catholic immigration. If anything, the Pew results likely understate the presence of Hispanic Catholicism among us. For "Catholic" liberals, this resurgence of Catholicism in the US is scandal (a fecund, "fundamentalist" body is replacing barren Yankee "Catholicism"). For Catholic "conservatives", it is folly (the nation is "letting its guard down" to an ethnic group that, while nominally Catholic, ultimately will replace ... well, Yankee "Catholicism).

If we add the honest lapsed Catholics to the immigrant undercount, we very likely have something like 40-50% of US residents who have some rightful claim to the name "Catholic". With any luck, within this century, we will swamp the non-Catholic Yankees and convert or (more likely) outlast the "Catholic" Yankees. The US will be a "Catholic" country by 2100. But what kind of a Catholic country?

It has been noted with increasing insistence that the Holy Father has a special regard for the US. The MSM (and even Catholic) commentators think that it has to do with the influence of some sort of J.C. Murrayism on his thinking. I doubt it. I think he sees a vision of Catholic Americas, New Christendom -- from North to South Poles -- redeeming the original mixed mission of Europe to the New World.

Benedict comes to the US with hope. He knows the US will become a "Catholic" country during this century. He wants to inspire a "new springtime" to launch a true Catholic Century in the US and all of the Americas. Listen closely to what Pope Benedict says this week. He comes to lay claim to the US for Christendom (that's why Bush is going to Andrews to meet him -- when W looked in the Pope's eyes last year, he saw "God").

God bless and protect Pope Benedict the Magnificent during his visit to the US.

Augustine II


I think I'm going to have to take a break from reading this blog and others for a while. Too infuriating.

Augustine II

As for polls, they can't account for poll-proof people like me, those who refuse to participate in any polling of any kind. Moreover, when I was baptized, I don't recall filling out any paperwork, and I haven't registered at a parish. So I'm completely under the radar. There are surely many like me.

RJ Chavez

Why would we expect anything else from this ilk? We already know that the protesters, dissenters, and cynics are integral to the yarn the media has pre-decided to spin about our Pope. Honest, factual, and heaven forbid, compassionate pieces don't sell papers and so the media will dig for dissent and mine for malevolence in their mission to caricature Benedict and our Church.

Kyle R. Cupp

Well put, Marie. Depicting the Pope as a dog is inappropriate and inaccurate, to say the least.


Dan, what a great Flannery O'Connor quote! Thank you.


The author of that great secularist article is, as the text goes: "chair of the Department of Religion at Boston University and the author of Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know — And Doesn't" - and then people ask why the Pope is bypassing Boston ?

The answer to that, obviously, is that the Pope simply has neither the time nor the patience required to teach three years worth of kindergarten-level theology to "scholars" such as this gem...

But I'm sure he is an expert in what Americans _don't_ know about religion...

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