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Friday, April 25, 2008


Nick Milne

I don't even want to conject (offer conjecture?) as to what's being alluded to by that preview of next week's offering.


Why don't we go around the circle, and we can each share one thing that we'd like to see the Pope change in 2000 years of Church Tradition? Let's start with the Divinity of Christ and go from there....


Re: The fellow who brags about his cafeteria Catholicism. I love the Chesterton reference that only the Catholic Church allows one to escape being a "child of this age." Too, it drives me insane that these "intellectuals" seem to think that only they "get it" and the rest of humanity is certainly too unintelligent to learn the Truth of the Gopsel proclaimed by the Church. How arrogant! Too, they empty the Cross of its power. I am thinking here of some remarks that Michael Waldstein made on this topic (the impossibility of modern men and women following Church teaching--which should therefore be changed to meet THEIR standards!--on sexual morality) in Christopher West's Theology of the Body Explained: A Commentary on John Paul II's Man and Woman He Created Them: "some Catholic moralists…hold that the condition of the interior battle and permanent opposition between erotic emotion and moral reason is the inevitable human condition, inevitable at least for the male sex," therefore, "[m]en must repress sexual concupiscence in relation to all women except their own wives. It is only with their own wives that they can live out their concupiscence with some legitimacy and, in this way, tame it." How sorrowful is this empty Cross?! Who will save us from this flesh! Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord...


I can only think of one response to the Op-Ed from Lousianna State;

That is, 1968? And like that is, like, history?


"That's true if you think abstinence-only sex education should produce great violinists or help kids learn algebra faster."

Line of the post. Hilarious.


Bof le catholicisme


Foxman is neither a theologian nor a gifted intellectual in pursuit of sober dialogue: he's a partisan. His mission is to exaggerate differences at the expense of similarities and to rally the faithful into resistance.

All his statements should be interpreted from within this matrix of perpetual opposition to the Catholic Church. No matter what we do, for Foxman it will never be enough.


Carl Olson

Does it seem odd to anyone else that I wrote "Big Brother XVIII" and not "Big Brother 18"? Weird...

paul zerovnik

Well stated.

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