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Tuesday, April 08, 2008



Catholicism IS Judaism. And the Judaism of today isn't the Judaism from before the destruction of the Temple.

God never revoked His covenant with the Jews because He fulfilled it in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the promised Messiah, so to say that salvation comes through Christ alone and that Jews need to be evangelized, too, is not to say God has broken His promise. It is to say the exact opposite; He has kept His promise. If Jews want to be Jews they should be Catholic.

That'll be blunt and offensive to some and I'll be called an Anti-Semite, but that's the conclusion I've come to. And the huge numbers of our Jewish brothers who have no religious belief or practice at all, but consider their Judaism a cultural thing alone are a sign of this.

P.S. - I'm always surprised when Cardinal Kasper says something remotely orthodox.

Fr. J.

Amen, Thomas. Well said.

The dual covenant theology makes for good diplomacy but very bad theology. It just isn't justifiable from either scripture or tradition.

To add to the above, the New Covenant in Christ's blood takes the relationship of God to Isreal and opens it to all humanity and transforms the promise from land and descendants to the heavenly Jerusalem. The mass is the passover...and more. The tabernacles of our churches are the Holy of Holies...and more. The priesthood of the Church is the ancient priesthood of Melchizadek...and more. The Church is the people of Israel...and more.

This is not to say Judaism is wrong, rather it is to say that Judaism is as yet incomplete. And, we pray for their completion in Christ.

Wolf Paul

Thomas: What do you make of "the huge numbers of our Catholic brothers who have (for all intents and purposes) no religious beliefs or practices at all", in countries like France and Austria (which I know personally) and probably much of the rest of Europe as well?

And your comment about Cardinal Kaspar (whose name you mis-spelled in a way that results in an insult, if one understands German) of course reflects on the Pope who leaves such a man (who rarely says something remotely orthodox) in such an important position.

Carl Olson

And your comment about Cardinal Kaspar (whose name you mis-spelled in a way that results in an insult, if one understands German)

Twas an innocent error as my German is non-existent.


What's your point about non-practicing Catholics, Wolf? I'm not sure you grasped what I was saying. I wrote of the development of Judaism into Catholicism and pointed out that what remains of Judaism after the Temple isn't even the same as before.

What does the fact of fallen away Catholics have to do with that point?

I won't even bother to address your pretentious comment about understanding German. It's immaterial.

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