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Monday, April 28, 2008


Robert Miller

The problem with Cardinal Egan's position is that it is premised explicitly on the (broken) "understanding" he had with Giuliani. The Cardinal does not need to (and shouldn't) have a side agreement with anyone on how the public law of the Church will be enforced. Now he has exacerbated the lapse in moral and liturgical discipline by suggesting that "appearances" are more important to him than substance -- i.e., absent the "understanding", what precautions, if any, would he have taken to prevent the public profanation of the Holy Eucharist. Further, having made an inappropriate private deal, the Cardinal seems to "breach" the agreement's "privacy" by disclosing to the public its existence.

Unfortunately, Cardinal Egan's statement has compounded the scandal. Cardinal Egan should have been more eager than Giuliani to keep the deal secret.


I am not sure I understand what kind of understanding or agreement Cardinal Egan could have had in the first place. That implies a give and take, a trade, if you will. So what does Giuliani have to offer the Cardinal in such an agreement? That he will actually follow the Church's teaching on reception of communion? And this because he has refused to align himself with Church teaching in the area of abortion.

Cardinal Egan, I suppose, gets the benefit of lack of scandal.


Mr. Miller,
Are you sure? Maybe it was an "understanding" in the sense that the Cardinal said, "understand me... I don't want you taking communion until you get your head straight on abortion." And Rudy agreed. So - we don't know what the Cardinal might have been doing towards getting Rudy's head straight, but in the mean time, he stopped him taking communion.

"Absent the understanding" - the understanding was the only thing necessary.. he can't FORCE RG to start acting and thinking correctly. And it's not his job to follow the Mayor around making sure he doesn't receive, is it? I'm not sure what the compaint is... RG is "openly and notoriously" opoosed to a teaching of the Church... Egan prevented the scandal of Rudy taking communion. What else would he do?

Wolf Paul

I suppose the "understanding" was "You get to come to the papal mass and sit in a prominent place as befits your political stature as long as you agree to abstain from taking communion, as befits your state as an unrepentant sinner in the crucial matter of protecting the unborn."

This makes RG's whining about a breach of confidentiality rather disingenuous: confidentiality was breached only because by not complying with it, he put Egan in an impossible position.

The only think I would fault Egan for is actually trusting a politician who insists on calling himself Catholic while flaunting his disobedience to the Church's teaching to abide by such an understanding.


I suppose it is a good thing RG didn't end up as the Republican presidential nominee.

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