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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Dan Deeny

Carl, Thank you for this information. Can you arrange some interviews? Some questions might be the following: Why locate in the African-American community? and What do the public leaders in the African-American community think?.


Readers might want to research one of the founders of Planned Parenthood: Margaret Sanger, and the eugenics movement of the late 1800s/early 1900s. One of their goals was to begin the process of eradication of undesirable folks. There is a connection between them and some abolitionists of earlier days, and certainly a connection to the social Darwinists of the era.

PP was never a 'benign' group with a compassionate plan for supporting families with 'wanted children'.

Fr. Andrew

There is also a book that has some thoughts on Margaret Sanger, Architects of the Culture of Death, via Ignatius Press.


It depends on what black "leaders" you talk to. As the late NFL player Reggie White once said, there are people who want poor people to stay poor, because they make so much money off of them. Planned Parenthood would fall into that category, as well as the old eugenics beliefs that are still swimming around the organization.

I read once in an excerpt of a history of PP (sorry, I can't remember the book title now--maybe someone else will?) that part of PP strategy was to get Black Protestant preachers to encourage their congregations to use birth control. (No chance of getting Catholic priests to do that, not 50 plus years ago!)

Pray for your minority sisters and brothers. And make sure that if a sister is in a crisis pregnancy, that you get there before PP does.

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