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Friday, March 21, 2008


Jeff Miller

Surely Jesus would have no problem with Chestonian paradox since Jesus himself fulfilled so many paradoxes.

King/Suffering Servant

And of course the incarnation was the key to all of these paradox as the late Fr. Gildorf noted.

Rich Leonardi

To embrace a paradox is to show that one's mind is capable of reconciling two seemingly contradictory thoughts. The result is peace, not the fleeting pleasure of a "parlor trick."


Reminds me a bit of something Melito of Sardis wrote:

And who has been murdered?
Now in the middle of the street,
and in the middle of the city,
in the middle of the day before the public gaze,
the unjust murder of a just man has taken place.

And so he is lifted up on a tall tree,
and a placard is attached to show who has been murdered.
Who is it? To say is hard and not to say yet more fearful.
Listen then, shuddering at him through whom the earth shook.

He who hung the earth is hanging.
He who fixed the heavens in place has been fixed in place.
He who laid the foundations of the universe has been laid on a tree.
The master has been profaned.
God has been murdered.
and the day was turned to darkness.

His work On Pascha has more of these types of expressions dealing with the mysteries of our faith. Well worth the read!


This is exactly what I needed this morning. Now I can go celebrate breaking out of that tomb.

Thank you for all your entries on Insight. They help so much to make the Mystery real for me rather than only some exercise of ritual.

Happy Easter!

Richard Pinion

As a Roman Rite Catholic who has been attending a Byzantine Catholic Church for over a year, I was very happy to be a part of their evening Vespers and the Psalters this past Friday. Their Holy Week schedule was very intense and again, I was very blessed to be a part of it.

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