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Thursday, March 06, 2008


Ed Peters

Right. I mean, imagine, a dagger being worn by clerics as if it were a pectoral cross. Defended on the grounds that it's a precious religious symbol. Symbol of what?


It seems clear that somewhere along the line we must choose to look the elephant in the eye and decide whether we want him in the room or not.

To use a geo-political circumstance of the last century as analogous, we may say that the rise of Nazism within Germany was dangerous because it advocated and used war to spread itself. It avowed violence and forceful submission to gain its goal. Eventually, we could no longer ignore it, could no longer treat it as a legitimate government within its boundaries.
Soviet communism was subdued, if not outrightly defeated by other means, but we would have fought a hot war if it had come to that. We were ready.

Sooner or later it may come to that same point with militant(normal?) Islam. This time, however, we will find it is among us, within our boundaries, so to speak, and we will not be able to separate ourselves geographically. We may have to re-think such popular ideals as separation of Church and State. We may, as the civil liberty watchdogs warn, find ourselves sacrificing our own freedoms in the greater cause.

And, above all, we may have to sit down and actually evaluate what the greater cause really is.

David Paul

WWJD? If faced with this situation what, in fact, would we suppose Jesus would do? On the one hand He chased the money changers out of the temple (Boot the elephant out of the room?). On the other, He advocated offering the other cheek (Let the elephant walk all over us?). In the end, He allowed the adversaries to crucify Him (Let the elephant trample us to death?). What would Jesus do? Should we do likewise? I'm not advocating anything; just asking the question.

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