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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


James M

How does the prospect of human cloning affect Q.1 "Who am I?"

Kreeft explains we are made by God to love and serve Him, through a specific and individual purpose.

Now the UK government is trying to pass an Act in Parliament (the HFE Bill) which makes it legal to create animal-human hybrids and to create fatherless children.

I have no doubt that any human with an immortal soul is beloved by God. But I am trying to figure the implications of this HFE Bill: surely it will cause worse than an identity crisis for those created; it will cause a social crisis in the countries which take part; and it will cause international crises if totalitarian regimes take up this embryology technology in a major way.

God help us. Does anyone have answers of where all this might lead? And how, beside prayer, to stop it?

Mark Brumley

Does anyone have answers of where all this might lead?


Ed Peters

Death, than which nothing is more certain.
Judgment, than which nothing is more strict.
Hell, than which nothing is more terrible.
Heaven, than which nothing is more delightful.
----Bl. Pope John XXIII

Chris Manion

Charles Rice and his daughter, Dr. Theresa Farnan, have already written a book with the title, 1. Who am I?
2. Where did I come from?
3. Where am I going?

It's excellent (I buy it a dozen at a time) and available from St. Augustine's press.

By the way, Professor Kreeft's books are always original, and quite popular with our protestant friends who are inquiring into philosophy.

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