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Saturday, March 08, 2008



Here's more on those supposedly coming closer the Catholicism:

Dan Deeny

Carl, Excellent information on Immaculate Conception Parish in Durham, N.C.. You need to go there and interview Fr. Dan McLellan to give him a chance to explain. Otherwise, you run the risk of murmuring, as St. Benedict might have said. Durham, N.C. sounds like a place for a rigorous and orthodox Catholic High School. You and your colleagues might take the initiative. Thanks.

Sleeping Beastly

Thanks for the info about the Durham parish- it makes me appreciate our parish all the more. Our priest's homilies are sometimes long and difficult to follow, but he has never been anything but faithful and orthodox, and I need to remember to thank God for his vocation every day. Thanks again for the reminder.


I tilted my head in wonderment at this item in Immaculate Conception's Lent schedule (in PDF at

``Ash Wednesday, Feb. 6th: Lenten Carbon Fasting Begins
Lenten Carbon Fasting responds to John Paul II’s call for “ecological conversion”: a Lenten practice that promotes justice and
peace between God, human beings and all living beings. Fasting from “carbon” during Lent helps us not only to reduce the
amount of carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere but also to probe the deeper spiritual implications of that practice.''

But wait, aren't ashes made mostly of carbon???

- - -

And on this: ``, Catholics do seem to always be ten to twenty years behind the times when it comes to being hip and with it, meaning that even when embracing falsehood they somehow manage to look dull and dated.''

I just had to laugh.


I'm the one Carl quotes in the original post about Immaculate Conception...

First, let me say that, on a personal level, I like the priests at IC Parish. They all seem like kind men. And I really like the pastor. I've always found him and his homilies to be great. And I respect that Our Lord, not me, has called them to be His priests. I therefore pray for them regularly.

And also let me say that our Bishop Burbidge is wonderful! I praise God for him and the things he is doing in the diocese.

I'm very conscious of the temptation of "murmuring" and gossiping and certainly don't want to be guilty of that, but at some point one must say something.

You can check out Fr. Z's blog and the 50 comments posted to see that I'm not the only one that has issues with this parish:


Then again, for the "orthodox" Catholic, maybe at parishes like this "Lent" is yearly and not merely 40 days!


Speaking of "creative" Stations of the Cross there's this.




Actually we Evangelical Catholics of the Augsburg Confession have always had confession, as well as the other things mentioned.

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