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Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Great work Carl!

MMajor Fan

Hell=eternal time out.
Purgatory=colonic cleanser.
Heaven=free Starbucks.


I notice you don't have one for "holy water." Is that because it wouldn't be eco-friendly and therefore unthinkable for any Northwest person?

Carl Olson

I notice you don't have one for "holy water."

Added! Along with a couple more...


This is the dumbest column I have ever read.

Carl Olson

This is the dumbest column I have ever read.

That is the dumbest comment I have ever read.


Don't you have better things to do with your time than to compose idiotic columns about nothing?

Carl Olson

Pat: You just performed a minor miracle: you made yourself even smaller than you were before. Really now, develop a sense a humor. And, if you can't, take a hike.



Don't you have better things to do than answer idiotic comments?

Carl Olson

Don't you have better things to do than answer idiotic comments?

Mel: Apparently not...

Dale Price


In the spirit of the post, don't think of it as an idiotic comment:

It's a reason-challenged opinion.

Carl Olson

It's a reason-challenged opinion.

LOL! Thanks for the serious-challenged comment.


During lunch today there was a table-tent with an invitation to a Lenten Taizé meditation. One of the promotional lines was that it'll give you some nice relaxation. Was there something wrong with that, or was it just me?


Atonement = Catholic "suicide squeeze" play
Confession = Catholic post-game review
Homily = Catholic dharma session, Catholic strategy session
Lent = Catholic spring training
Parish = Catholic spirituality center
RCIA = Catholic recruiting/draft
Retreat house = Catholic fitness/rehab facility
Spiritual director = Catholic personal trainer


I'm stunned to discover that something like this is re-inforcing the USA's oh-so-elightened view of the Netherlands and the Catholic Church here. I live in the Netherlands, am active in my parish, am doing my best to observe Lent as best I can...and haven't heard about this "rebranding" of Lent at all.

What's most amusing is the seemingly perennial obsession with talking Catholicism in the Netherlands down. Well, I call it amusing because if people like me, who are doing their best to stay close to God and His holy Church, weren't to just laugh at people in the USA taking the rancid mickey, we'd be depressed by USAns tendency to rubbish our lives and our home instead of praying for us.

We're busy about the Lord's work here. I at least would appreciate it if others would support us prayerfully in this, rather than this sarcastic and condescending commentary.

Guido Vossenberg

I'd like to remind the writer of this post, as well as some of the people that replied, of the words of St. James: Jm 3 (especially verses 5-6, 9-10, 13 and 17) and Jm 4: 11-12.

Well, I'm not an expert, but I'd roughly interpret these words as: stop bitching about one another, because if you speak bad of someone (such as by mocking them in a blog post, or by insulting them in a reply), you're going against Gods will.

Help each other to become better Christians instead of taking people down.

I'm a Dutch Catholic myself, and this 'Catholic Ramadan' comment is completely new for me. However, it makes at least *some* sense, mind-boggling as it is, as opposed to the "explanations" written down by Mr. Olson.

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