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Thursday, February 28, 2008



the pro-Obama crowd @ Vox Nova needs to parse this and explain it away - Fast.


"But if you ask everybody—you ask the most conservative person—do they want their daughters to have the same chances as men?, most will answer in the affirmative."

That's a classic example of a push poll -- Obama wants to put this sort of question to the public, when any sophomore political science major could tell him that questions like that give you skewed data. Sure, if you ask "are puppies and sunshine nice?" people will agree with you, even if what the discussion is really meant to be about is the fact that you're battier than Wayne Mansion.

Brian Schuettler

The essayist Spengler says that to understand Obama you must understand the women in his life, his mother and his wife, both anti-establishment and both very angry at America. Obama's public persona and candidacy for the presidency is hinged upon the idea of a revolt from within to overwhelm that male establishment that represents stability and order based upon traditional common law values. When the Supreme Court dared to come down on the side of those values, as in the partial birth abortion decision, Obama perceived it for his audience as the male establishment dictating to and controlling women's lives and bodies. He even admitted that to him it is a woman's privacy and civil rights issue, not a moral one. How this will all play out in the general election? Who knows? What we do know is that this is a teaching moment for the American Catholic bishops to draw the very clear and sharp distinction between a woman's so-called bodily freedom and the authentic and pre-eminent freedom of an individual's right to life as opposed to the intrinsic evil of abortion.


Also see this on Obama, by Shelby Steele:

Listen to Steele here:

I think Steele is wrong; Obama can and will win. Such is this depraved age.


Yes we can!


Yes we can!


I am perfectly content with no more rights than a man. Since a man is on the hook with no recourse after conception, I too will endure.


so the church of margaret sanger lives and has many disciples.

for such a smart guy who longs for equality and freedom, why can't obama see that the slogan "every child a wanted child" is eerily close to nazism?


Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky -- revolt or change from within. He is truly a scary candidate for the Presidency.


Hillary, too, is a devotee of Saul Alinsky. As a nation, we are in perilous times.

Dan Deeny

Many thanks for posting Sen. Obama's speech to Planned Parenthood. It answers, as I understand his speech, some of the questions I have been returning to his campaign team as they send me emails on his progress to the Presidency. They haven't as yet answered my questions, but I think Sen. Obama does answer a few in his speech. One remaining question to him would be whether or not he plans to change Reagan and Bush's Mexico City Policy whereby our country will not provide aid for abortion services to developing countries. Does his foreign aid package include help for abortion services? First Things has a very interesting article on a study a Pro-Life group at UCLA has just published in their newspaper The Advocate

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