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Saturday, December 22, 2007



Santo Subito!


Please tell me why Angelina Jolie was one of the nominees for most inspiring person. Sure, she has done some good work with orphans and what the site calls "children of war." And she was also an interesting choice for Grendel's Mother in "Beowulf." But one of the most inspiring people in the world?

I am underwhelmed by Beliefnet's choices, to say the least.


Ed Peters

Poor William. Does he know how many people in Price George have been murders over the decades? And how many people named Doyle are fiends. How can he live with himself?

Robert Miller

Good for Blair.

I wonder if, being a politician, he believes being a Catholic has any political consequences. Here's hoping he picks up a few of Belloc's essays on England, the Reformation and the prospects for England's conversion.

Perhaps he might make good on his new confession by leading the cause for repeal of the Act of Settlement. If I'm not mistaken, the Prince of Wales' consort might have a personal interest in the matter as well.

Cristina A. Montes

Welcome home, Blair.

Elaine Biggerstaff

Oh this is rich. Blair goes from one heretical sect to another and doesn't even have the guts to convert while in office because that would have ruined his political career which is, of course, more important than his eternal salvation as it is for the entire crew of in-name-only "Catholics" in our Congress.

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