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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Mark Brumley


Brian Schuettler

New day, same journalistic garbage. God forbid that they should actually research their article.


Fr Richard Leonard of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has released a review which comes to quite a different conclusion than Fr Malone. It can be read at

Mark O'Brien

Dear Carl,
I am an English teacher in a Catholic School which had, before my arrival, purchased copies of the play version of Pullman's trilogy. The aim, of course, was to teach the play in English.

However, the Parish Priest has decided that the play cannot be taught in class.

Having read the trilogy, I have to say that I didn't feel it was an out-and-out attack on the Catholic Church, as, say, The Da Vinci Code. The principle difference being that Pullman is a great writer. As such, as literature often does, he raises issues to be discussed, rather than making unfounded allegations and accusations.

I am of the opinion that a battle can't be won by running away. I also think the play would give an excellent opportunity to discuss the issues raised in the text and thereby explaining the Catholic Faith to young people who aren't as aware as they should be of why they are Catholic.

I feel, with some reason, having spoken with the Priest on the issue, that the ban is largely a reaction to The Da Vinci Code controversy.

I have read your book, The Da Vinci Hoax, and feel it an invaluable response to an open attack on the Church, motivated by hate. I would in no way put Pullman in the same bracket as Dan Brown. Surely Catholics are not so insecure in their faith that a well written exploration of ideas is threatening?

Even as Catholics, we have to live in the modern world. Questioning the existence and nature of God is an aspect of that world - unfortunate though that may be. The Da Vinci Hoax is a prime example of how to respond to this situation - by showing the world that the Catholic Church simply isn't what they make it out to be and by showing a willingness to confront and discuss the genuine doubt and uncertainty that people feel.

Banning a book shows only one thing - fear! The Catholic Church is stronger and better than that.



I disliked the film, much prefering the books... "far more better"? learn to write.

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