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Wednesday, December 05, 2007



"Besides its commitment to inclusiveness, the Womenpriests movement discourages titles for priests and bishops and requires no vow of obedience."

Obviously not!!

FWIW, I have read the book about Ludmila Javorola mentioned in the article. It is confusing and poorly written in several places. It really doesn't make it clear, for instance, why the priest "ordains" her. But what the "Womanpriest" people don't seem to realize about it is that this woman did seem to have believed she was ordained and took her ordination much more seriously than they do. She didn't do much of anything as a priest and, when travel restrictions were eventually lifted and she met with a valid bishop, he told her to stop any priestly activities AND SHE DID. At least at that time (I don't know what she is doing now that Womenpriests have found out about her) she obeyed her bishop -- not a concept these gals (and now guys) embrace.

I don't understand why they just don't all become Episcopalians.

Gail Finke


But, Mr. Olson! Your are very much in error, dear Sir! Let me explain why. If A is not A but X trancendends A and thereby moves and changes A into itself, then and only then is A actually X. Q.E.D.

You can't control the movements of the spirit.

And they call themselves Catholic for a very good reason. I have a proof for that too, but there is not enough space in this combox to write it.


Me again. I have never given the NCR more than a cursory glance and now that I have I am shocked. Sorry to be so naive. Just take a look at "Viewpoint: A Cold Shoulder to Cardinal Newman" by Michael True. I could not believe what I was reading. This is my favorite part...

"Do Catholic students confront the fact, for example, that for 500 years Catholicism crushed any alternative to itself in Western Europe, having heretics burned at the stake or boiled in oil, discriminating against, exiling and killing Jews, crusading against Muslims, silencing Galileo?"

I mean, where does one even begin with that breathtaking rush of ignorant statements? And that's only one sentence!

Gail Finke


God save us from churches WE like. When men make their own desires the criteria for how they relate to God, idolatry necessarily results.


Prior to sanctification, of course.


Wow. I just looked at the NCR site. What a disaster. Completely out of control.


Does the bishop have any power to take the word 'Catholic' from this newspaper's title?


Although I'm a layman and soon to be married, I am wondering when exactly I should declare my recently revealed vocation to the Papacy? Any recommendations as to how I might facilitate vocational blossoming?! (A rogue female cardinal perhaps.) I declare that I am truly a Catholic and no one dare say otherwise... I may not believe in all that stuff about Apostolic Succession, Divinely-inspired Revelation, the Incarnation, the Trinity, a "theistic" God (or G*d/She Who Is/The Force if you will), the Magisterium, Tradition, Natural Law, Canon Law, the Holy Spirit's influence in the Church, Sacraments, creation ex nihilo, Redemption, Salvation, Original Sin, the Communion of Saints, or that balderdash old-fogeys call Christian morality... but that's all old-fashioned anyway. It's my right to be a Roman Catholic and the Church better not try to mess with my rights!

**Oh wait, you say that the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights DOES NOT guarantee full recognition of "Catholicity" to all self-declared Roman Catholics regardless of solipsistic opinions. Perhaps I'll just stage a coup instead.**


“You know, the only way we’re going to find a church we like is to start one of our own.”

Someone ought to point out to them that this has been a Protestant tradition, perhaps even an obligation, for centuries. In our own time it has been elevated to a fine art with exponential results.


so why does it seem like john allen jr is so respected? wouldn't being associated with natcathrep be enough to dismiss any credibility he might have?


Please give us the all important info that explains how people that do not follow the Church's teachings can be part of the Church. I am very curious!
Does this mean that if I start my own church that says men can have multiple wives, but I call this church "Catholic" then I am Catholic?
Or does it just have to do with women priests?
I mean I am a women and I think these women are evil!
I think this whole idea of "It’s not fair!" is childish and wrong and needs to be squished!


Now I know why Fr. Z refers to the National "Catholic" Reporter as "uber-lefty." Wow. Did anybody read the comments to the article linked under "check this out"?

I know I'm biased because I teach it, but come on people! Let's get John Paul the Great's theology of the body out there! These people NEED it to understand the very reason and meaning of their existence--and to learn that no one is belittling anyone by saying, "Hey, ordination is not an ontological possiblity for women just as pregnancy is not ontologically--or biologically--possible for men!"

God be praised, now, and forever, and forever!


I'd like to see some no-holds-barred fire like this unleashed against them:

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