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Thursday, December 13, 2007



Christ is in our midst!

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Don't miss Deacon Keith Fournier's commentary and personal interview with Gov. Mike Huckabee.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Governor Huckabee Speaks with Catholic Online

The following interview is the best I have seen this entire election cycle by any candidate.

poetic knowledge (imagination and creativity), arts and music education, and the natural law

Robert Miller

The pivotal flaw in Romney's address is his assertion that today's European cathedrals and churches were emptied as a result of European governments' having expressed "confessional" commitments in the past.

If a community is predominantly Christian, its government MUST confess that it is Christian. If a community is predominantly Catholic, its government MUST confess that it is Catholic.

The problem in Europe is that its governments got themselves under the control of people who were (are) ideologically anti-Christian and/or anti-Catholic.

Our US churches and other places of worship may experience better attendance than their European counterparts, but that has nothing to do with our civil arrangements. From the beginning, the US government has refused to make any Christian confession -- notwithstanding Justice William O. Douglas(!)'dictum in a 1940s opinion. The US is just a little "behind" its European counterparts.

Romney's argument is Free Exercise (and good as far as it goes). JFK's was anti-Establishmentarian (and harmful for Catholics and the whole US polity). The problem with both arguments is that true Catholic/Christian free exercise MUST eventually involve something at least of what the Constitution describes as an "Establishment of Religion".


I am so frankly upset every time I read this nonsense re:JFK church tellm me what to do and how to behave..dur,,thats for sure..Kennedys moral life proved that as does Rudy..he also snickered the same thing,re-assuring all concerned that morals will never cloud any political decision he ever will make....when one panders to the devil and his followers one soon rises with fleas...

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