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Wednesday, December 05, 2007



Great job, Carl.


I can't access the programme.

Carl Olson

Sharon: You should be able to directly download mp3s of the two parts: Part One and Part Two. Does that work?


Could you include a summary of the audio because I am only on the internet at work and I cannot listen to anything at work.



I find it interesting that you connect that sense of fatalism and even superiority to the “Rapture” theology. However, I think that tendency is farther reaching among Evangelicals. It is one default way of thinking that I have found difficult to shake, coming back here and there at the oddest moments, and yet I was raised in an Evangelical tradition, one of the few, that did not subscribe to dispensationalist theology. In fact, the closest eschatological perspective to that which I was raised with is actually Catholic. Thus, I found no particular transitional problems there.
So I would tend to look somewhere else in the Evangelical theology for the source. Personally, I think it is rooted in Calvinism and the eternal security teaching, which was a staple of our understanding of justification and was integral to our evangelization.

The Catholic way of thinking, of seeing the world around, has been truly new to me and much more elusive to grasp. I cannot say that I have mastered it and can only hope to allow it to permeate my worldview over time with God’s help. What happens is that the urgency of evangelization (as defined by the evangelical mindset I’ll grant) tends to wane for me, and then I default back to the old line of thinking that if I am not completely committed to evangelization, right now, right here, willing to button-hole my neighbor regardless of reaction, then I am somehow fading in my Christian walk. Yet I know that is a narrow view, a product of Evangelicalism. But still it is hard to expand my perspective.

Call it evangelization anxiety if you will. In as sense I think it is comparable to the balance we must strike in understanding that God can save anyone, regardless of their membership status in the Catholic Church, while avoiding the tendency to indifferentism.

So I continue to read JPII’s writings on Evangelization, soaking up what I can.

Great interview Carl. Interesting podcast format from the Catholic Hack although, in truthfulness I have to acknowledge I am not a fan of Fr. Stan’s rap. I love Fr. Stan, but I just cannot get into that music. Personal taste, I suppose.

Carl Olson

I find it interesting that you connect that sense of fatalism and even superiority to the “Rapture” theology.

One way of putting it is that the "Rapture" theology is rooted in and expresses a sense of fatalism, but that it is not the sole source (not by any means!) of a general sense of fatalism or superiority among various Fundamentalist or Evangelical groups. There's no doubt, in my mind at least, that some of that can be traced to Calvin, or to certain readings of Calvin, as well as to the sort of radical beliefs launched by Zwingli and the Anabaptist movement. However, in Calvinism there did and does exist a strong adherence to post-millennialism, which can be described as optimistic since it proffers that the world is slowly but surely being Christianized. Yet this is simply the other side of the coin of fatalism. The Catholic Church, meanwhile, rejects both types (see CCC 675-77).

Carl Olson

Could you include a summary of the audio because I am only on the internet at work and I cannot listen to anything at work.

Much of it is summarized in my article, "Eschatological Fact and Fiction: Catholicism and Dispensationalism Compared." A much longer and more detailed discussion, of course, can be found in my book, Will Catholics Be "Left Behind"?

Joe McClane

Hello Mary,

The reason I chose that chorus for my podcast is the energy and subject that comes out in the verse. Its all about adoration of the Blessed Sacrament... and to top it off its packed with energy so it grabs the attention of the listener. Thanks for checking out the podcast.

God Bless
Joe M
The Catholic Hack!

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