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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Mark Brumley

Bravo, Bishop Listecki. Not only did you warn folks about THE GOLDEN COMPASS, you encouraged them to support good films. And you pointed out one of the problems with the film, even if its anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Catholic message is muted: the fact that it is a two-hour commercial for the books.

Thanks for taking a stand.

Elizabeth Carlos

Thank you for speaking up, Bishop Listecki. It's good to see you speaking out on behalf of the Church and Christ, since I last saw you at St. Joe's in Wilmette. God bless you, Elizabeth with Family

Colin Walls

Presumably the good bishop would also prefer children to go see Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" instead.

The church can no longer justify an Index Librorum Prohibitorum, but it doesn't seem to stop it trying to achieve the same end informally. I note that Pullman's books have been removed from library shelves in Catholic schools in Canada.


Hi, I am catholic and have read the golden compass and the other two books in the trilegy. my email is [email protected] . First keep in mind that this is a work of fiction--the books. second, the church in pullman's books is not our church and it is not even our universe. and the god in pullman's trilegy is not God, it's an imposter. This book teaches christians and catholics an important lesson to be wary of the devil and other evils that can make themselves look good and twist truths to act or pretend to be God when in fact they are not. If you read the books and realise the reality from which the characters are coming from you'll also realise that the fictional universe is definitely not our own and the God they are killing is not the christian God.

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