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Thursday, November 15, 2007



Could the Evangelicals ever loosen their grip on Sola Scriptura? The consequences are monumental for anyone in that camp that has looked at the issue of authority in more than a cursory way.

"Moreland’s call was for evangelicals to recover the use of right reason, natural law, experience, Creeds , and tradition as subordinate sources of knowledge."

Barry Carey's qualifier is significant and the key word is "subordinate". However, if Moreland can move them to look at the Early Fathers, for example, without any guilt feelings, that would be a great step forward. We, as Catholics, would be more than happy to provide a reading list and then pray the Holy Spirit to do the rest.


The Coming Home Network has assisted or been in contact with over 1000+ pastor converts to the Catholic Church.

I have every reason to believe this trend will continue.

Offer prayers.

Eric Postma

"Rather than developing a robust epistemology in response to secularism, he said, evangelicals reacted and retreated. Now evangelical theologians aren’t allowed to come to any new conclusions about the truths in Scripture, and they’re not allowed to find truths outside of Scripture. As a result, he said, they’re engaged in “private language games and increasingly detailed minutia” and “we’re not seeing work on broad cultural themes.”"

Alasdair MacIntyre makes precisely this observation in The Religious Significance of Atheism" (way back in 1968 when he was still an atheist) when he is discussing how Christians reacted to the growth of science. They tended to become deists or fundamentalists, virtually throwing in the towel or declaring victory while the opponent was punching them in the face. Such is the picture most people still have of Christians in general. Sadly, few people (including MacIntyre at the time, he's Catholic these days) adequately condsider the far more robust, if slower repsonse of the Church which, understanding that truth cannot contradict truth sought ways to understand Scripture in the light of science and vice versa, a process which could be seen to have been going on long before the 16th and 17th centuries.


Doesn't the Protestant overreliance of the Bible smack of Islam' similar obession with the Koran? I've always been struck at how the 2 have a strong similarities about their obsession towards the holy books. The advantage is that Christanity doesn't stand or fall solely on the Bible whereas Islam will utterly fall apart if the Koran is refuted.



"Islam will utterly fall apart if the Koran is refuted."

As would the Church if were the Bible. See Vatican II.


Considering the content of some Catholic Bible study sessions and the published guides they follow, I hope that the advice given to Evangelicals is not to follow our recent trend. Ironically, I've attended a Baptist Bible Study recently just because it is wonderful to hear people who love God's Word and whose goal is not to deny Christ's miracles.
If I hear that business about the "real" miracle of the loaves and the fishes being one of people actually sharing their food with each other one more time, I'm going to be sick. The "isn't it obvious that this isn't literal?" and the "everyone knows that..." trend is both sad and viral. I hope the evangelicals don't catch it.

Amera Joseff

All may be interested to know that JP has posted his response to the CT blog on the Kingdom Triangle blog:
Moreover, the link also provides access to the full-text of Moreland's ETS paper. Moreland's also provides opportunity to sample his book Kingdom Triangle, along with audio of him speaking and being interviewed about the book.

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