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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Catherine Harmon

Will this Catholic senator be the next president? Doesn't look like it:,2933,303202,00.html

Mark Brumley

I'm sure CT just loves the timing on this.

Chris Burgwald

Ditto to Mark's comment... I suppose Huckabee will see the most benefit from the senator's exit.

Paul H

Yup, if Senator Brownback is out of the race, then I think it's time to rally around Governor Huckabee. From what I can tell, he seems to be the only true conservative and possibly the closest thing to a true pro-lifer in the race.

Catherine Harmon

While Huckabee has certainly kept pro-life issues front-and-center in his campaign so far (and should be commended for this), I'm not so certain about his conservative credentials as far as issues like government spending and taxes go. According to the Club for Growth, a PAC headed up by bone-fide economic AND social conservative Pat Toomey, Huckabee's record on the economy, government spending, and tax hikes are, at best, mixed. (
For better or worse, Huckabee will benefit from Brownback's pulling out; but though pro-life, I suspect he would, as president, do more to expand the federal government's reach than to reduce it.

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