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Monday, October 01, 2007


Charles Silesia

I thought he left the Church as a result of the incident you mention and became an Episcopalian, and then returned again to the Catholic Church a few years ago.

David Cheney

My understanding is that Thomas was inactive for many years after departing the seminary. However, while he was on SCOTUS, he was invited to another judge's son's ordination to the priesthood (Scalia, I think). That experience re-awakened his interest in Catholicism and shortly thereafter he returned to an active practice of his faith.

Glenn Chen

In an interview with BusinessWeek published on March 12, 2007, Justice Thomas personally and explicitly clarified the matter to my satisfaction:

Was it a loss for Holy Cross to rely more on lay professors?
Yes. They're not Jesuits. They lost the religiosity. A priest is a priest. A nun is a nun. For me, it's better. It's a Catholic school. It looks more identifiably Catholic when you have religious people running it. I think it's a loss. I liked it the way it was. I was not a practicing Catholic when I went there. I had left the church. But I just feel strongly that it's a Catholic school. I'm a practicing Catholic now, in part because I went to Holy Cross.
[emphasis added]

It's a fascinating interview if you haven't read it already.

Mark Brumley

Once again, gang, let's remember not to take what we read in the MSM at face value. Esp. when the topic is Christianity.

Jeff Miller

What Wikipedia has on this I believe to be correct.

"Since joining the Supreme Court, Thomas requested an annulment of his first marriage from the Catholic Church, which was granted by the Tribunal of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. He was reconciled to the Catholic Church in the mid-1990s and remains a practicing Catholic."

Ed Peters

These are good replies to a good question...


Can anyone name a high profile figure whose annulment application was refused? Is anyone's annulment application refused these days?


Justice Thomas actually goes to my parish is northern Virginia. I see him regularly chatting with the pastor for quite some time after Holy Mass. Ergo...

Mark Brumley

Victoria: I can't off the top of my head, if we exclude Joe Kennedy's situation. But then I don't suppose that's the sort of thing that gets advertised before the world. Does this really need to become a discussion about annulments? And--pardon me because I don't know your background--are we all sufficiently knowledgable about the subject here to have opinions worth posting, or will this just amount to a series of rants based on superficial perceptions?

Mike D'Virgilio

I heard most of the interview Rush Limbaugh did with Justice Thomas yesterday, and I was struck by how spiritual minded the man is. References to God and prayer were sprinkled throughout the almost hour and a half interview. No wonder the secular left hates him so much. He came through tremendous struggles to succeed and refused to ever see himself as a victim. A very dangerous black man.

Mike D'Virgilio

Also, from an interview at National Review Online:

And how do you get over losing your religious faith? That’s part of Thomas’s story, too. When I ask him what it was that ultimately brought him back to the Catholic faith of his youth, Thomas tells me, “my grandfather used to say something. He used to say you just live long enough. He was right.” Life, Thomas says, “is so full of uncertainties and challenges.” He says that his “faith came back slowly . . . and then flooded in.” He recalls, “I really completed my journey home when I returned to my Catholic faith.”


On the left side of this page, you can watch some videos of Justice Thomas. The Q&A session vid really reveals him as a wonderful man:


Once again, gang, let's remember not to take what we read in the MSM at face value. Esp. when the topic is Christianity

The NY Sun is just quoting what Justice Thomas said on CBS news. Give the reporters some slack.

Sandra Miesel

Here's a nasty anti-Thomas screed from a nationally syndicated black columnist:

Mark Brumley

The NY Sun is just quoting what Justice Thomas said on CBS news. Give the reporters some slack.

Reporters are obliged to follow up and put statements in context.

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