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Thursday, October 04, 2007


MMajor Fan

Thanks for the heads up on his passing.

Part of his quote, interesting dream, no? "I suggest two remedies at the highschool level, ancient and rather unfashionable but well-tried and effective. As a first training in the accurate use of the mind, I recommend Euclidean geometry to begin with, and the rudiments of formal logic to follow. And while a good command of language can be acquired by much talking and listening, by much reading and writing, it is helped along wonderfully by the intensive study of Latin. There is no better way of causing a schoolboy to attend to the exact meaning of a word or a sentence: there is no better education in the difference between saying what you mean and uttering vague sounds which more or less suggest the sort of thing you have in mind. The study of any foreign or ancient language will have this effect in some measure....but the study of Latin will introduce him to a greater literature, of closer relevance to his inheritance as a Western man and a Christian, and as a mind-sharpener, it is without rival."

Robert Miller

I remember Christopher from his association with Triumph magazine, when I was an assistant editor in the early 1970s. He gave us numerous outstanding contributions on Humanae Vitae, and helped us anticipate the culture of death in the divorce of sexuality from the transmission of life. He also was a great raconteur -- on any number of momentous subjects.


Bob Miller

Ed Peters

Well done, good and faithful servant. RIP.

Paul Arblaster

Is this news certain? (Not one of those "News of my passing ..." things?)
I'm very surprised not to have seen an obituary anywhere else! (Even with his last book coming out twenty years ago.)
I do hope the good people at Ignatius Press will consider reissuing as many of his works as possible - they are very good, and very hard to find. The prices they sell for second-hand are generally way beyond my budget.

Paul Arblaster

I've just created a wikipedia entry:
for anybody who might be interested.

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