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Thursday, October 25, 2007



Imagine a diocese with a 68-year-old former Orange County aux. bishop who was raised in Long Beach and attended St. John's Camarillo having such a man as his legislative rep! But perhaps he was hired by the former Boise Bishop - 70 year old St. John's grad and current Orange Bishop Tod Brown.
The church should introduce an impediment to episcopal ordination based on affinity of St. John's Camarillo graduation dates.


First of all Carl, that was hilarious. But more importantly, it was well put. Don't take this the wrong way, but I kind of like it when you're cranky!

Now Anonymous 7:48pm ... SHUT UP! You seem to be saying that you can't be a good priest if you graduated from St. Johns, and as a student of St. John's I find that HIGHLY offensive. There is nothing going on at St. John's that is so bad that it will prevent you from being a great priest. Could it improve? Yes. Could EVERY seminary improve? Yes. Is there anything about St. John's that is praisworthy? Moral Theology. Moral Theology. And Moral Theology. I'd put our professors up against ANY in the country. Not only do they clearly teach the Church's moral positions, but they clearly teach us, the future priests of the Church, how to EXPLAIN them to the faithful. So, in the future, please don't write off an entire presbyterate (or future presbyterate) for a few bad apples. And if you do, why don't you leave your name attached to it.


Couldn't those like anonymous point to far more than simply a few bad apples in placing St. John's among the purveyors of poison? Then again, this is off-topic, so forget it.


I haven't seen or heard the new CD, but I never could stand Buck but loved Dwight. Go figure, and Dwight sometimes sounds more like Buck than Buck. Perhaps an opportunity for a musical reconciliation? Thanks for the tip.

Brian Schuettler

Go figure, and Dwight sometimes sounds more like Buck than Buck.

This is yet another piece of evidence that the vocal component of a parallel universe has been breached. With this new evidence we can now hypothesize that Dwight IS Buck. Thanks for your valuable contribution to this research, LJ. I can see a possible Nobel coming your way!

"And if you do, why don't you leave your name attached to it."

and I guess your name is "seminarian"?

Mark Brumley

Carl, you sure are cranky.

Carl Olson

Carl, you sure are cranky.

How did you know?! The only reason I'm cranky is that I'm now convicted of my need to vote Democrat... ;-)

Mark L.

Um, "seminarian", I think the point "anonymous" was making about St. John's had to do with the particular graduation dates of his two examples and made no comment about the current state of the institution.

And Carl, please, be cranky whenever you want to if it produces pieces like that one.

Rich Leonardi

So, in the future, please don't write off an entire presbyterate (or future presbyterate) for a few bad apples.

Actually, he doesn't; he links the quality of an "ordination," i.e., priest or bishop, with the ordinand's graduation date.


Yes, I realize I jumped the gun now. I apologize. I've come to be a bit overly sensitive about this sort of thing since every serious catholic I meet always asks, "Oh. Why would you want to go there?" Truth is, it was my bishop's call and I had nothing to do with it. I guess I just want everyone to know that the the future is bright for these dioceses based on the quality of the men preparing for orders.

Brian Day

But what I want to know is, is seminarian now intimidated? :)



Mark L.

How do we get people to understand that, for all the supposedly good things Demoncrats want to do for us, they are only willing to do them for those they allow to be born and those they haven't killed yet? None of their "wonderful" programs matter if you're never born or if they figure a way to take you out before it's time for you to go.

Mark Brumley

Seminarian says he is not intimidated. Now I know he is one of us.

Carl Olson

I'm intimidated by people who aren't intimidated by people who aren't intimidating. Or something like that.

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