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Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Fallen Angels/Demons: The Dallas Cowboys and all things associated with that dreaded organization!

Among NFL owners, Jerry Jones' nickname is Screwtape!

M. Jordan Lichens

Great Carl, now I'm going to feel bad for watching college football this season! Though, would small town high school football be the Pagans? Just a question.


Unfortunately, Carl dichotomizes football into a Protestant type of "either/or," he fails to see the true Form of Football as a whole which is a "both/all and". Football, and we are talking American football here, is like the Platonic Forms, there is only a hierarchy of perfections with pro football being analogous to the Good, college football is analogous to the Form of Justice, high school football to the Form of Math, etc. In watching or playing football at any level, one is drawn into a contemplation and participation of a perfection. All other sports are relegated to the realm of Becoming.

Carl Olson

Well, the truth of the matter, Rick, is that I actually prefer college football to pro football. So... :-)


Carl, I must admit, I tend to favor college football as whole! I found the Vick situation rather sad, it got more hype in the MSM than other important issues. If Benedict had given the Regensburg speech when Vick was in court, the address would have gotten back page status.

Eric Thomason

Could we add doctors of the Church? How about Vince Lombardi and Don Shula? Is it mere coincidence that both football legends were / are practicing Catholics? Hmmm....

I cannot resist commenting that I am currently a student at the true intersection of football with religion: Notre Dame. To wit: my three year old daughter, moments before the entrance procession at last year's Christmas Eve mass stood up on a pew, and began chanting "Weis, Weis, Weis"-- a cheer we students do for the Irish head coach at the start of the fourth quarter. My wife was mortified (she thinks the cheer violates the first commandment); I couldn't help laughing at my daughter confusing the two "liturgies."

In all seriousness, one great thing at Notre Dame (probably unique in college football) is the announcement of Sunday Mass times near the end of each game. In fact, orthodox Catholics would be heartened by many of the things happening on campus. There are problems, no doubt, but also many instances of renewal, orthodoxy, and vibrant Catholicism.

Go Irish!


I prefer baseball. Would that make me a heretic?

Carl Olson

I prefer baseball. Would that make me a heretic?

No. Probably Eastern Orthodox. ;-)

Carl Olson

My favorite sports to watch are, in order: 1) Professional tennis, 2) NBA basketball, 3) college basketball, 4) college football, 5) NFL football, and, 666) NASCAR.

Carl Olson

Could we add doctors of the Church? How about Vince Lombardi and Don Shula?

You'd have to add Tom Landry to the mix, who was, if I recall correctly, a very devout Evangelical. Which reminds me: I should have added Sacred Shrines to the list, which would include the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Eric: When Notre Dame ends the year at or under .500, will Charlie be fired? Just wondering. ;-)


Carl, I would add this to Sacred Shrines: Any college stadium where the home crowd is greater than the actual population of the town itself. There is something magical about a college stadium with a 100,000+ people in it.

Fr. Jay T.

This is something that frustrates the heck out of me. A child's coach demands mandatory attendance at every practice and game, a dress code (uniform, warm up suit, etc.), and a certain level of fundraising, and parents accept it without question. If a parish priest or religious education director asks that children attend every class, dress appropriately for Mass, and contribute to the support of the parish, what do you think happens?

Carl Olson

Amen, Father Jay!

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