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Thursday, August 16, 2007



The text speaks for itself, beautifully. It is a great consolation to know that when everything seems to be going wrong in the world, all is moving closer to the triumph of Love, as Revelations shows us.


Wow, no one says it like this Pope. He is such a great gift.

Patricia Gonzalez

I really love the way the Holy Father teaches -- very clear, jargon-free, and no condescension, no treating his audiences like morons. I with I could have sat in on one of his classes (even though I don't understand German very well). It would be great if he could hole some kind of seminar on preaching for priests, since most homilies I've heard in my parish leave me either terribly bored (God forgive me!) or scratching my head wondering what it all meant. May God continue to bless our Holy Father.

Robert Miller

Agree entirely with the three previous posts.

But we all can study under Benedict/Ratzinger through Ignatius Press. His opus is readily accessible. We ought to ask our pastors to enable us to form "Ratzinger study clubs" in our parishes. This is a moment of enormous outpouring of grace for us, but even relatively observant (even "traditional" Catholics) don't seem to have a clue.

Benedict has been writing "theology of history" for more than fifty years. It is very profitable to read his "The Theology of History in St. Bonaventure" in conjunction with Josef Pieper's "The End of Time" (and, of course, an annual re-read of Guardini's "End of the Modern World"). In these roughly contemporaneous works, the layman can peer into the heart of Benedict's vision of history and of the contemporary situation of the Church and the world.


"On the long run it seemed impossible that faith could survive such a powerful dragon who sought to devour God who had become a child, and the woman, the Church."

"Our Lady also means a “woman who suffers, who must flee, giving birth in crying pain, i.e. the Church, the pilgrim Church of all ages."

Some are taking these two quotes to mean that the Holy Father is rejecting the one level of interpretation that the woman is indeed Mary, and that would, of course, have ramifications in the realm of Catholic apologetics.

Personally, I think he is just emphasizing another aspect of meaning of the woman and the dragon in this homily. It is not a rejection of any other meaning.

Robert Miller

Anyone who follows Ratzinger knows LJ is right (cf., "Daughter Zion" and "Mary, the Church at the Source").

Ratzinger's Mariology is profoundly apocalyptic. For him, Mariology is at the very heart and of the very essence of Christology. Mary is the Mother of the Church, the Mother of the Body of Christ. Mary says "Yes" for Israel -- and, as the new Eve, for all men -- to the Word. And so, she is the Woman of the Apocalypse, as is the Church herself -- for there is no Church without the Mother of God.

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since 'Church' is also, in some contexts, synonymous with 'Mary' (as is 'Ark') I didn't even notice the possible non-Marian meanings in the text. I always hear and consider certain Marian words in terms of The Blessed Mother, and...

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