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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Brian John Schuettler

Greeley is long over due for a real good beating. (Of course you know that I mean that metaphorically)

The Church runs with Peter.

Islam runs on terror and fear based on petro-dollars.

Greeley runs on hot air, the Catholic liberal media's solution to not just the energy crisis but to any crisis (loss of faith, loss of orthodoxy, loss of liturgical integrity, loss of children's innocence, etc.).


Great post Carl, as usual!

Leo Higgins

At Greeley’s age (79), eternity is starting to stare him in the face. He ought to be “preparing for a happy death,” rather than exacerbating his objectively uncomfortable stint under the klieg lights of his impending personal judgment. His comprehension of Pope Benedict’s motivations and goals is almost as bad as his novel writing ability.


I'm pondering your 869 word response to Fr. Greeley. Is it really worth the trouble? With my Catholic identity firmly established with the aid of the Vicars of Christ, I will instead ponder "3:10 To Yuma", a Western which opens on Friday!

Carl Olson

I'm pondering your 869 word response to Fr. Greeley. Is it really worth the trouble?

Yes, but only because I kept it under 900 words. Anything over that is wasted effort.


I wonder sometimes what "evangelical Catholic" means.

Growing up in an evangelical Protestant environment I know what it meant there. It was a sense of urgency of the gospel, an imperative that overrode any other considerations, sometimes, sad to say, even the work of charity.

Those of us who have become Catholic from an evangelical past have a certain ingrained sense of that word "evangelical" that may or may not coincide with the idea of evangelical Catholic. That sense of urgency remains in my own experience, even to the point of impatience. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish it from a specific call. Perhaps that is the call to holiness, or to the new evangelization.

The sense of urgency of the gospel is not a bad thing, I suspect, but within the Catholic Church it requires tempering with patience, and obedience to authority. Those words attributed to St. Francis can be hard words indeed to the exuberant convert. "Preach always and sometimes use words." Either way, however, for the evangelical convert, the "laissez-faire" Catholicism of a Father Greeley is a strange beast indeed.

That is why many of us former evangelicals love the Fr. Corapi's of the Catholic world. If we admit it, we love good hard-hitting preaching. It's in our blood. Father Groeschel could get wound up too, on occasion. Perhaps, in my opinion, the quintessential Catholic preacher would be Fr. Pablo Straub. He is desceptively quiet as he starts out, but by the time he is finished he moves your heart.

Some of us who are old enough to remember might have an evangelical nostalgia for the old style revival meetings. The preaching was powerful, the air was electric with the Holy Spirit, the only tongue was the language of repentance and the only falling down was on the knees in repentance. That was the message. And I have to say, it's a Catholic message.

Is that what is meant by evangelical Catholic? I say bring it on.

A Simple Sinner

Beige Catholocism? That is soooo 80s. Try tie-dye.

This son of JP2, is kindler and gentler on the outside to be sure. But the moment I hear some Catholic voice of contra-distinction to the garbage all around me, the ears prick up.

I was not involved with the Church when JP2 died. I was living in my own prison of "Church of Me". But when he died, the lone pro-life voice in the west... I cried for two days and called off work.

This adopted child always had enough good sense to intuit he was right. He was not popular. He was much criticized. He was mocked. He was still right.

JP2 got us used to being unpopular. B16 might get us used to being right.

Fr. Greeley, you and yours had a good run. Back to reality now.


Fear not. The likes of Fr. Greeley are old and have fewer followers everyday as they die of old age without replacement, as they're usually as sterile as their ideas.

This is Jesus' way of saying that he hasn't abandoned His Church as He promised, not in the 20th century, not ever.

May St. Cure d'Ars intercede for him.

M. Jordan Lichens

Will Mr. Greeley kindly go back to writing trash mystery novels and leave us "young fogey's" to our business of being part of a Church with substance? Pardon me that his appeal to youth is gone, we twenty-somethings have a hard time making a life commitment to the altar of ambiguity with tie-dye priests.

Gordon Savage


As always spot on, but notice an ironic twist: pick up your copy of Robert Barron "Bridging the Great Divide" and you'll find a blurb by Greeley on the back cover, just below that of Cardinal George. He briefly repeats and endorses Barron's critique of "beige catholicism." Go figure.

Brian John Schuettler

A conversion, perhaps!

Carl Olson

Gordan: I was going to make note of Greeley's endorsement of Barron's book, but forgot to. It is indeed rather ironic; I wonder if Greeley is clueless about what "beige Catholicism" is, or does he think he has nothing to do with it?

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