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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sandra Miesel

The SCREWTAPE project is something my son the Media Buff has long wanted to see. Hard to see how it could be turned into a commercial film, though.


What an intriguing concept! But it's hard to imagine what Hollywood might do with Williams. I have to admit that the recent stories about Mother Theresa's Dark Night made me think about Williams' concept of substitution, especially as seen in one of his novels. I think it is Descent into Hell. (Spoilers follow.) A young woman constantly sees herself--apparently her double--which terrifies her. Eventually she realizes that her fear of meeting herself face-to-face is really fear that she has "carried" for a famous ancestor of hers who was a Protestant martyr in the days of Mary Tudor. He overcomes his fear of his execution as she experiences the fear for him. She herself is freed when another character offers to "carry" the fear of her doppelganger for her. But there is much more to the story, which is well worth reading.

Most of Williams' novels have a supernatural or occult context, but I hasten to add that occultists and occult practices do not lead to good in the world of Williams' stories--quite the opposite.

All Hallows' Eve is a bit creepy, since the main character is dead. Ultimately, though, it is a beautiful and even profound story about love and forgiveness.


GREAT NEWS! Its about time the underappreciated inkling gets to the big screen! (in addition to his novels, William's history of the church "Descent of the Dove" is well worth reading.) I'm not sure how many of his works are still in print -- maybe Ignatius should look into that? At one time you could buy the seven novels in a boxed set -- sure would like to see that available again.

Carl Olson

At one time you could buy the seven novels in a boxed set -- sure would like to see that available again.

A search on Eerdmans shows that at least three of Williams' novels (War in Heaven, Descent Into Hell, and Many Dimensions) are still in print. Regent College Publishing also has editions of five of Williams novels and Descent of the Dove; I couldn't find them on the website, but they are on page 37 of the print catalog, available in PDF format. Regent also publishes a collection of Williams' plays (go to the bottom of this page).

Brian John Schuettler

I purchased the Charles Williams Reader at Amazon three years ago; it includes Descent Into Hell, Many Mansions and War In Heaven.

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