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Sunday, July 08, 2007



I'm so glad we have Fr. Reese here to tell us these things!


Oh my gosh Carl, I clicked some of those links, and my eyes...they burn!


I'm 36 years old and was born after the Council, but I have had the opportunity to attend the pre-conciliar liturgy as well as the Novus Ordo celebrated in Latin. I prefer the Novus Ordo due to the fact that it opens up a wealth of Scripture.
Growing up in California, to use the language of Fr. Thomas Reese, many things "blocked" seeing the true mystery of the liturgy - but it was never the Latin language! It was more often when the Priest was considered "the star" - as David Gibson says. Actually, in my experience, things were more like a show where the Priest was an MC and the "music ministers" were the stars...
In any case, I think Bishop Luca Brandolini shows why this was very, very necessary. The only way this could be the saddest day of his life is if Vatican II truly, in his words, has been "cancelled". The only way he could interpret it as having been "cancelled" is if he saw the Second Vatican Council as a break or rupture - and it has now been definitively stated that no such break or rupture exists. Thank you Pope Benedict!!!
Thank you Carl for also exposing how spurious the anti-Semitism charge is.


On the quote from Fr. O'Leary: "The faithful will be choosing between a Tridentine Mass at 9 and a Novus Ordo Mass at 10. This is a troubling scenario."

It's only a troubling scenario if we presume the faithful to be so shallow as to not see the same Lord re-presented in the liturgy, regardless of whether it's the extraordinary or ordinary form. Perhaps that's the root of the fear--that by the way we choose and not by the choice itself, we will see more of ourselves as we really are.


A great test for Orthodoxy: When Fr. O'Dreary thinks that something is divisive, it usually is good and orthodox!

Fr. Arsenius

Carl: you're such a troublemaker. :-)

If you want a good laugh, hop on over to the Nashunal Katholik Reeportur Online. Sister Joan Chittister is gathering rusty razor blades for a collective wrist-slitting of anguished feminists.

"There is a power and a beauty in both liturgical traditions, of course. No doubt they both need a bit of the other. Eucharist after all is meant to be both transcendent and transformative. But make no mistake: In their fundamental messages, they present us with more than two different styles of music or two different languages or two different sets of liturgical norms. They present us with two different churches....

"From where I stand, it seems obvious that the Fathers of Vatican Council II knew the implications of the two different Eucharistic styles then and bishops around the world know it still. But their concerns have been ignored. They don't have much to do with it anymore. Now it's up to the laity to decide which church they really want -- and why. Which we choose may well determine the very nature of the church for years to come.

Right: "Let's just start our own church, then. "Church-in-a-Box: Just add disobedience, with a healthy dash of spiritual pride." Someone else also once said, non serviam, and look where he is now. How loudly can you scream, "hermeneutic of rupture"?

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