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Monday, June 25, 2007


MMajor Fan

LA Times is a strange publication. They have written some fantastic articles, and I'm very pleased that when I've written a fan letter to the journalist, I often receive a personal response. But then they get whacky. My current theory is that they publish articles according to their personal moon cycle. I used to read their online edition every day but I'm too busy writing my book about the Church Doctors to figure out if it's Virgo Moon or Pisces Moon and if they are going to accordingly print a good article or not!


Your typo spoiled the punch line! You meant to say that you remain a devout Atheist...

Carl Olson

Your typo spoiled the punch line! You meant to say that you remain a devout Atheist...

Quite right! Fixed, now. That's what you get when you try to be a devoted Catholic atheist: cognative dissonance.

Pristinus Sapienter

I enter my night's retirement, chuckling toward my last prayers of this day . . .

. . . 'the cognative dissonance of the devoted Catholic atheist' - a bit of glee, indeed, without or without LATimes approbation.

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