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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


M. Jordan Lichens

"'My conviction is that in order to live as a Catholic, it would need to be the way the Catholic Church had been for 2,000 years until Vatican II."

Yes, the way it was until Vatican II. Which I believe was under the teaching authority of the Church as headed by the Pope of Rome.

Allan O'Canada

Jordan, the sarcasm has got to go. Stop picking on people who actually live the Catholic faith and try and stop the heresies and Protestantization of the Mass that has caused the schism. Having close relations with many schismastics myself, the key to breaking the schism is restoring the human aspect of the Church closer to the divine aspect.

Tradition must be respected, compassionate reasoning must be used with sedevacantists, the phobia of Tridentine Mass has got to go, as well as all the sacrileges and tolerance for heresy.

I know a CMRI nun, and she has such a pure heart, willing to serve God... I have seen very few as Godly and righteous as her of the people who claim to follow Vatican II. All Catholics could take some lessons from the traditionalist nuns.

M. Jordan Lichens

My sarcasm is used as a shield and a light-hearted attempt to point out what I falsely assumed to be an obvious point for traditionalist Catholics, but instead it appears I was more hurtful than helpful. I do not mean it to be personal though I argue from a deeply personal point. I myself, contrary to assumptions, am a traditionalist who feels the Latin mass is the extraordinary mode of worship and that the radical changed enacted by the liberal interpretations of Vatican II are a severe detriment to the Church and her mission.

It must be stated, however, that I must passionate appeal to RadTrad's and Liberals in this way: the teaching authority of the Church is the very pillar that has separated ourselves from all other religions and to cut it off is to cut out our ability to find and spread the Truth as revealed through God's Incarnate Son. I have lived in Oregon, studied in Rome, and am a former Protestant myself and I therefore can attest to the sincerity of most religious people. I will even go out on a limb and say that most liberal and schismatic Catholics, as well as most Evangelical Protestants, are good and wonderful people who have a huge heart and would not dare to use my unkind choice of words. However, it is well within the realm of possibilities to be dead sincere while also being dead wrong. There are few in the history of mankind who have acted on the assumption that they are doing evil, quite the contrary most who fight are acting on the assumption that their cause is the higher cause.

Why argue against schismatic's? Simple, as non-denominational Protestant I saw what sincerity without authority can turn into. If we are to "reform the reform" we must not go the route of Martin Luther, but rather St. Dominic. We must enact reform by a loving example that is faithful to Rome, even when it hurts. As an embittered son will not heal the wounds if he separates from his father, we cannot bring reconciliation to the Catholic Church by separating from the Church. To be Catholic, in other words, is to be bound in brotherhood and that means being brothers even if the family is a bit dysfunctional.

I appreciate your calm reproach and see that you didn't return my sarcasm in kind. It shows a remarkable grasp of emotions and I am the better for it.

Larry F.

I'm sure that those who have broken away from the Church are sincere in their beliefs. If I understand the position correctly, somehow Vatican II was not a valid Church Council. Therefore everything that came from it is invalid and somewhere along the line we lost a valid papacy? As a life long Protestant who by God's grace found The Church a few years ago, those who seem to believe they are more Catholic than the Pope, are kidding themselves. I believe you are sincere, but you're sincerely mistaken. Martin Luther and those who followed after him were also sincere, but were also mistaken. Christ has not lost control of His Church and the gates of hell have not overcome it. The Saints have always been fiercly loyal to the Catholic Church and to the Pope. In the end, those who stand with the Pope, will stand in the end. Those who chose to follow a "Traditionalist" view of the Church may find themselves unable to stand at all. I hope and pray that the many well intentioned and God loving people who have abandoned the True Church, the one with Benedict XVI as our Pope, will all come home to Rome. May God bless those who seek the truth.


It's wise to at least consider the possibility that Fr. Joseph Ratzinger is not really the Pope of Rome. Be patient. Pray for wisdom. Why not personally visit Mount Saint Michael in Spokane, Washington? God bless you!

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