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Monday, June 04, 2007



You should have called. :)


I can't go to Powells without spending an inordinate amount of money...

Right now I have no money...

Ergo, I can't go to Powells.

However, McMenamins is always delightful. I highly recommend Edgefield and the Kennedy School...

Speaking of Alison Kraus, we will be seeing her in concert, July 5th... at Edgefield McMenamins.



Carl Olson


We were able to see Alison Kraus and Co. in the fall of '05 at the Schnitzer. They were excellent!

I used to live ('94-'95) a mile from Edgefield, and would go there on a semi-regular basis. Still need to get to Kennedy School. In Eugene the best McMenamins is North Bank, IMHO.

Jenny Bluett

Thanks Carl for the vicarious trip! I've been missing my hometown as of late with dreams of Rose Festival Grand Floral Parades dancing in my head...

Thank GOD roses do grow in Wisconsin.

PS Great interview with Beckwith!

fr richard

The question came up last night at Bible study:
"Which is more important: drinking beer with your wife in Portland, or studying the Word of God?"

Everyone voted for the Word of God.

(Except for Mike, who was in the restroom during the vote and we didn't do a re-count.)

Carl Olson

Fr. Richard: Was your flannel board presentation of Jonah and Whale making Mike ill again? Poor guy. Just when he recovers from the Pentecost puppet show...sigh.

The Word of God does say--and I paraphrase for effect: "Eat, drink, and be merry, for next week you'll be leading Monday night Bible study." I forget the reference, but only because I'm Catholic.

Ed Peters

Happy anniversary.

That said, "wounded cannonball"? Maybe the music helps clarify the image.

Carl Olson

Thanks, Ed. Listen to the song here.

Ed Peters

Okay, that's pretty nice. Thx.

It's real music, anyway. Not all high-tech noise and stupid antics.

Carl Olson

Yes, that's one of the refreshing things about Carlile: she abhors studio trickery and shortcuts. Both of her albums have been recorded in a very direct, one-take, four-track manner, the first in her small cabin outside of Seattle. She definitely has more of an "old school" approach to making music.

Carl Olson

Ed: You'll appreciate this, being of the generation who knows of such things. Carlile and producer T-Bone Burnett had enough clout to get the label to print some copies of "The Story" (her most recent release) on vinyl, simply because they wanted to have a non-digitized version of the album. We bought it. And now we have to buy a record player, since I got rid of mine about 15 years ago.

Ed Peters

Carl-- :)

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