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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Stephen Sparrow

That example quoted by Benedict of a priest debater spouting on the "probable" salvation of conscientious SS Nazi soldiers is also laid out in his book "Values In A Time Of Upheaval" and just preceding it in the same book Benedict relates how early in his academic career he encountered an older priest who opined that we should be grateful God had permitted so many people to be “unbelievers in good conscience”, since if they were to be converted; the burden of Faith and its attendant moral obligations would be unbearable. In other words, “faith made salvation harder, not easier… Untruth, remaining far away from truth, would be better for man than truth.”

There lies Relativism in almost full stride AND lurking inside the Church - Yikes. Very obviously such woolly thinking makes a mockery of the Incarnation and especially the command from Jesus to go out and teach all nations.

All strength to Benedict's arm in combating such nonsense.


"Untruth, remaining far away from truth, would be better for man than truth."

This is the language of Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor.

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