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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ed Peters

Infantile is right. Why does the screechy left so often end up sounding like sophomores in high school, landing their first journalism job at student paper named "The Bugle" or something? You know who does this more and more lately? The Nation. What a bunch of babies they've become.

My theory: the rising generation of writers was not, unlike mine and my father's, first a generation of readers in their youth. They just weren't formed by uncountable pages of prose before they got the charge of seeing their name published in some desktop (basically) self-publishing mode.

dan sheehan

Ed, you are awfully generous in calling them "writers." When we first encountered Amanda Marcotte during the Edwards campaign controversy, it struck me as extraordinary that someone with such primitive writing and debating skills had managed to attach herself to a presidential campaign.
You're absolutely right that it's a generational thing. They have never been properly formed.

A Simple Sinner

Can we take back the word "spew"?

"I am tired of anti-Catholics spewing their hatred of our faith - which must in fact, also fall upon the faithful."

"If only they would stop spewing elitist diatribes"

On second thought, its an ugly word - let them spew it all they want.


Okay, I have to post this, call it a lack of temperance! I noticed that Al Gore has now chosen to move his talents into writing a book on reason. Sorry, but to me this is like Jerry Garcia choosing to write a book on men's fashion!

Ed Peters

Al Gore, a book on reason, LOL LOL LOL. No, wait, I know, it's gonna be one of those gag books, you know, 150 completely blank pages. What a scream!


I wonder if Ms. Marcotte realizes how close her remarks are to the Westboro Baptist Church's regarding his death.

Anyone interested should know their infamous URL by now.

MMajor Fan

I don't listen to or read propaganda that's just meant to offend. In the minute I might spend reading stuff like that, which just rolls off my back anyway, I could instead be reading something more useful, like what Paris Hilton is doing, whether the dog on Frasier used dental floss, and how they are progressing in building robots for picking our crops in California.

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