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Thursday, May 24, 2007


MMajor Fan

I think that the frenzy by some atheists (especially Hitchins) is from their picking up a copy of Dr Arthur Janov's "The Primal Scream" and misreading it, thinking it was about "The Primate's Creed" lol.

Celestial SeraphiMan

I first typed a version of this post rather late after you first posted about Falwell's death, so if you don't mind, please address this.

Didn't he support segregation and apartheid? Didn't he condemn civil-rights movements? Didn't he condemn homosexual persons? Didn't he bless AIDS as divine punishment? Didn't he condemn women who stepped outside the home?

Carl Olson

Didn't he condemn women who stepped outside the home?

If so, why does Liberty University have so many female students?

One doesn't have to be an apologist for Falwell (and I most certainly am not) to see that this idea is nonsense. As for the other topics, I would look for actual quotes from Falwell and would avoid summaries from the MSM.

Robert Miller

The problem we face is that the Left is accusing us of doing something we (Christians) should be doing, but aren't doing.

Catholic faith requires public expression -- and not just the passive/reactive "witnessing" Protestants and "American Catholics" favor.

The central mission of Catholic politics is not taking over the state, but being the Catholic "public thing" -- the res publica Christiana". It is a countercultural and counter-"civil" being together in the public life in communion with the Church. That way of being enabled Christendom to emerge from the Roman culture and civitas and, eventually, to lay claim to the imperium itself on behalf of Christ the King.

In capsule, Catholic politics is Monarchist -- which is to say, more profoundly democratic than any "republican" (in the Enlightenment sense) politics can be.

The time may be nearer than many think when the rallying cry of real Catholic politics in the US will be: Viva Cristo Rey!

We ought to take courage from and glory in the Left's fears and propaganda against our "theocratic" ambitions. If five Catholics on the Supreme Court be "subversive", by all means let us Catholics in the US make the most of it.

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