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Thursday, May 03, 2007



Archbishop Burke's nickname ought to be the "Bishop of Steel." I admire his courage and consistency and most of all, his charity toward those souls he shepherds.


“yet she chooses to send her child to a private school that teaches values with which she obviously disagrees”

Knowing nothing about St. Joseph’s Academy, I wonder if it actually teaches those values, or the writer assumes it teaches those values?

jack flannery

I'll echo Gregg and go a little further. Odds that the school caters to the very well-off with contacts at the "better colleges". Based on the reaction and words of the principal(a religious sister)--I'll be silent but read her statement.


I'm more willing to place my trust in the School and the Diocese than that of the Catholic Senator with a proven track record of voting for Stem Cell Research and Abortion rights.

I see more comments on the blogs that seem to chastise the Archbishop and now this school rather than I see support for the teachings of the church on this subject.


Daniel Fink

Though we send our freshman daughter to St. Joseph Academy, my wife and I are certainly not "well off" or connected to "better colleges". To our knowledge, the school is no better (my daughter has had to defend Archbishop Burke to two classmates) or worse (Jeff Suppan, the ex-Cardinal pitcher, who publicly opposed Missouri's embryonic stem cell initiative, was an invited speaker last fall) than what we expected in light of the current Catholic culture in America.
Like any situation in which Catholic "professionals" are entrusted with supporting the Apostolic faith we wish to hand on to our children, we monitor closely what they are receiving. We hopefully encourage them to pursue excellence in their faith, rather than settle for "Catholic-Lite".
Thankfully, with Archbishop Burke as our sheperd, we have a living example to follow.


My mouth ran way ahead of my sense of right/wrong. My sincere apologies to Mr. Fink and other parents of St. Josephs

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