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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Shaun G

How the heck are they going to turn "The Screwtape Letters" into a movie? Aside from the fact that there isn't much action to depict ... this isn't like "Narnia," where Christianity is referred to indirectly by allegory; in "Screwtape," Christianity is overtly the main topic -- and moreover, the thesis of the book is that the "Hollywood" lifestyle is all a deception.

What studio is gonna distribute something like that?

Adam Janke

I'm not quite sure, Shaun, what kind of artistic license they are planning on with the Screwtape letters! However, they did a wonderful job with the first installment of Narnia, so I'm glad that the film wasn't a "one hit wonder", and they are going forward to make more of the movies. I hope they complete all 7 of them sometime before I'm pushing up daises.


I think Hollywood likes and realizes one important thing, "$$$$$." They know that if a Christian movie is done well it will draw audiences, sell videos and thus reap "$$$$$$$$$." That should be motivation enough for them to stay true to the scripts, otherwise it will hit them where it hurts.

Ed Peters

The Screwtape Letters as radio drama, terrific. But as film? I don't think so. Hmmmm. Note to Brumley: I think it might be time to dust off the 1917 Code publishing contract and see who has the movie rights. I think I do...

Patrick Kinsale

I'd rather see The Great Divorce on film than Screwtape. And any consideration of the science-fiction trilogy? I must admit I don't care for them all that much.


I don't know about the first 2 books in the Space Trilogy but "That Hideous Strength" would make such a great movie. But what I really want to see are some of Charles William's novels made into movies!

Mark Brumley

I doubt that you have movie rights to your translation of the 1917 Code, Dr. Peters. I believe we covered the movie contingency in the agreement and I am confident Ignatius Press has rights. I think that under the terms of our agreement you are to be consulted in the matter of who has the lead, but you do not retain rights to the film version nor do you have a veto in the matter of the lead.

Nick Milne

I've often pined for the possibility of a gritty and uncompromising adaptation of 'Til We Have Faces, but it doesn't seem likely that Holywood is capable of producing a film of the caliber that would demand.


Maybe Hollywood will rewrite The Screwtape Letters so that Uncle Screwtape's a sympathetic character and Wormwood's the hero.

Ed Peters

I could see Nicholas Cage as me.

Carl Olson

Yes...Nicholas Cage...hmmm...he does have your stinging wit and interest in canon law. But I'm a bit concerned about his need to use foul language and have at least one fit of hysteria in nearly every movie he's in.

Ed Peters

Yeah, stinging wit, colorful language, prone to hysteria....I'm sold.

Nick Milne

Since they're doing a film adaptation of Milton's Paradise Lost, perhaps we ought to lobby for Lewis' Preface to Paradise Lost to precede it as an animated short.

Pixar could do it.

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