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Saturday, April 21, 2007



Let me see if I've got this: once I was less dumber, but now I follow a guy in a black hood.

But instead, I should believe in IT. (Who, if I recall, is the extraterrestrial tyrant of A Wrinkle in Time.)

Baaaaah. Humbug.


Wow, I must leave the stupider church. Eagle Man's erudition and convincing arguments are too much to refute. /severe sarcasm.

The comment is not even worth fisking... there is no challenge.

Carl Olson

Nope, no fisking needed. Just wonder: "Do he hold a job?"

Carl Olson

And: "Does Carl know how to spell 'does'?"

Nick Milne

How can we be sure Carl didn't write this himself? If we take the passage quoted at its word, such an appalling act of flim-flammery would be precisely the sort of thing I'd expect from him.

Which creates a paradox, needless to say. To whom should I defer? What claim holds sway? As we all know (or, at least, as those of who, like me, have spent four years now in a liberal university, know), multiplicity of possibilities nullifies comparison. That Carl Olson and Tom Cruise (for example) disagree about religious matters means they're both equally wrong, obviously; to say otherwise would be intellectual hubris and an act of tribalistic bigotry. Reason dictates that I apply this outlook to everything, whether I like the consequences or not.

So I really have no idea where to turn. I'm just glad I don't get e-mails like this, although it would be flattering, perhaps, to have someone think my beliefs important enough to criticize. I would also like to have it believed, even if falsely and in a manner perpetuated by cautious whispers, that I habitually wear a black robe.

Carl Olson

Nick: LOL! I fear that you are on to my Jesuit trickery. So if someone wearing a black robe comes to your door in the middle of the night, be sure that your comment may have had something to do about it... ;-)

Deacon Harold

Methinks the Eagle Man may be flying high on something other than his baseless, insipid and uninspired comments. However, I'm glad he cleared up the ambiguity regarding Limbo. I can sleep soundly now.

Celestial SeraphiMan

Oddly enough, I may eventually go into a Benedictine community, black robe and all.


Jesuits! Everywhere!

Just you WAIT until the Dominicans hear about this. they'll have a black cappa and capuce over your head before you can say "Dogs of the Lord"!


Hand me the decoder!

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