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Saturday, April 14, 2007



Scruton seems to be traveling the same spiritual train as Mortimer Adler did, I wouldn't be surprised if the last stop is Rome!

Scott Carson

Scruton's argument seems so obvious that it is really rather striking that folks such as Dawkins, Hitchens, et al., folks who ought to know better, would think that their own arguments are sufficient to consign religion to the dustbin of history. The same can be said of those who point to the recent tragedy in Virginia as evidence that there can be no such thing as a loving, caring Deity. I suspect that the folks who rely on such weak versions of the argument from evil are, at heart, rather paternalistic themselves, since they seem to think that, if there is a God, he will turn out to be somebody who takes care of everything for us so that we can go about our business. I'll bet they're usually Statists, too.

Carl Olson

Good point, Scott. It appears to me that many atheists who obsessively deny the existence and authority of God and who talk about "being free to do as I wish," are all too happy to have the State step in and tell people what they can and cannot do, including what they can or cannot believe. As you likely know, this need for a paternalism aside from God has been examined by Paul C. Vitz in his intriguing book, Faith of the Fatherless (Spence). I continue to be fascinated by this argument re: love that Scruton articulated; it is similar to some points that I make in a soon-to-be published article in This Rock titled "An Apologetic of Love."

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