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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Jeff Grace

I'd say without a doubt, we are called to evangelize. I'd say beware the methods used, though... one man's evangelization is another man's escape from growth in holiness.

Having converted from an evangelical denomination to the Catholic Church, one of the draws for me was the depth of resources and traditions within Catholicism for growth in holiness. Evangelicals, more often than not, fall into the numbers game too easily and end up confusing the spread of the gospel with a primary focus that's no different than a drive to increase market share. It's so much easier to plan out marketing schemes and formulate clever arguments and catchy lingos than it is to live a life that draws people to Christ.

Never forget: As someone much holier than I once said, the best witness is the life we live. Sometimes words will work too.

Carl Olson

Something I like about the McCloskey/Shaw book is that it doesn't get caught up in techniques or numbers or slick selling points; in fact, they reject such things. As they point out again and again, there are no shortcuts or even secrets to evangelizing. More than anything, evangelization involves realizing that we need to be prepared to share the Faith in any number of ways in any given situation. That means being prepared and desiring to witness. Without that desire, and without reliance on the Holy Spirit, it won't happen.

Jeff Grace

Ah! Good to hear! I'll have to check these guys out, then... sounds like a good recommendation, yet once again! :)

Carl Olson

And it is published by Ignatius

Carl Olson

And both Fr. McCloskey and Shaw are Opus Dei!

Ed Peters

Can Catholics be Evangelsists? (well, GOOD evangelists)?

Not unless they read Brumley's book.

Jeff Grace

Excellent point, Ed! Mark's book is rather definitive, for sure!

Jeff Grace

What am I thinking? That should have read: Mark's book, How Not to Share Your Faith, is rather definitive, for sure!

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