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Wednesday, March 21, 2007



Just you wait. For Easter 2008, we'll read of new research proving that Judas and Mary Magdalen were married and their son was a gifted artist who created the Shroud of Turin, which his great grandson sold to the Knights Templar to cover his gambling debts with [insert name of Pope here], and then...


Eric G.

It is absolutely disgraceful that a) the Pontifical Biblical Institute gave space for the promotion of an explicitly and blatantly blasphemous work such as this, and that b) that Father Moloney remains a Catholic--let alone a priest!--in good standing with the Church.

There is simply no excuse for any of this, and the buck stops with the Holy Father himself.

The Holy Father has a moral obligation to a) issue an apology to the Catholic world for this scandal, b) discipline the moron who approved of this event, and c) and excommunicated Father Moloney if he will not recant his blatant heresies.

If the Holy Father does not do either of these things, he (once again!) shows himself to be utterly inept in his Pontifications. He can issue all the 100-page documents he likes; his actions, and what he tolerates under his nose, do not accord with his bombastic words, and they (rightly!) tarnish the image of the Church and her witness to the world.

How long will we Catholics put up with this destructive laissez-faire government by our pastors? Aside from prayer and fasting, we need to start putting the pressure on our pastors: "For the love of God, shape up or step down!"

This applies to our Pope as much as it does to, say, Cardinal Mahoney.

Carl Olson

How long will we Catholics put up with this destructive laissez-faire government by our pastors? Aside from prayer and fasting, we need to start putting the pressure on our pastors: "For the love of God, shape up or step down!"

This applies to our Pope as much as it does to, say, Cardinal Mahoney.

Luther would be proud...

Eric G.

That's a dishonest cheap shot, and you know it, Mr. Olson. I have not advocated a single heresy, nor have I suggested a course of action contrary to Church doctrine, canon law, or reason. You may dsiagree with me, but I think my commentary otherwise deserves respect.

I concede that I have often been given to hyperbole (Any wonder I'm a fan of Ann Coulter?), but I don't think anything I wrote above can be said to be unreasonable.

If the Holy Father *were* to do all I suggested (i.e. publicly rebuking the event, and disciplining the men who approved it along with Father Moloney), you and every other (orthodox) Catholic blogger would be the first to praise the Holy Father, and we'd hear all this talk of how the "tide was turning" and true reform was being at last manifesting itself in concrete actions.

But yet, we orthodox Catholics at the same time have an unfortunate tendency to "papism", whereby we blindly approve of everything a Pope does, and accuse those who would offer criticism of heresy and/or disobedience.

It's not as if our recent Papacies have an otherwise admirable and respectable track record in dealing with these kinds of things, such that we should give our pastors the benefit of the doubt in the exceptional instance when the ball is dropped.

The gross, immoral negligence of all the Popes since Paul VI (*especially* John Paul II vis-a-vis the sex abuse scandal) indicate a widespread patters of pastoral ineptitude at best, and at worst a two-faced complicity in the evils plaguing the Church.

Is it too much to ask that we stop adoring such manifest incompetency, that we stop making more out of these men's writings than are really there, and that we demand that these Pontiffs practice and enforece what they preach?

C'mon . . .

Eric G.

By the way, if Luther were as critical of the Papacy as he was, sand his heresy and sans his disobedience, he would today be venerated as a Saint.

And rightly so.

Eric G.

That should read: "sans his heresy and sans his disobedience"

Carl Olson

That's a dishonest cheap shot, and you know it, Mr. Olson.

No, not really. I do think that Luther would be proud. And, no, I didn't call you a heretic. I said, "Luther would be proud..." No more. No less. In other words, I'm highlighting the attitude; I'm not making a theological judgment.

BTW, as my post makes clear, I share your frustration. But there is another sort of "papism," in which it is assumed that the Pope should--must!--address this and that issue immediately and with swift, harsh punishment. Perhaps. But I don't think so. Anyhow, I'll see what others think of your ideas...

Eric G.

Mr. Olson:

"And, no, I didn't call you a heretic. I said, "Luther would be proud..." No more. No less."

Funny that you didn't say "Saint Catherine of Siena would be proud", "Saint Athanasius would be proud" or "Saint Paul would be proud". (Three examples of Christians who publicly rebuked their religious superiors)

You know darn well that beinging up Luther's name in this context carries with it certain connotations. It'd be sophistic of me to go up to just any charismatic speaker, tell him "Hitler would be proud", and say that I meant nothing offensive by it, that I meant nothing more than to comment on the person's charisma.

And for the life of me I can't see how it's papist to suggest that a religious superior should correct the public, scandalous behavior of a subordinate. Is it "paternalistic" to expect parents to rebuke out-of-control kids, or "authoritatian" to ask a presidential candidate to rebuke (even fire) open and notorious bigots on his staff?

In other words: I hold my Pope to a higher standard than I do my agnostic father and/or John Edwards.

I guess in today's church that makes one a papist . . .

John Michael Keba

"The Pontifical Biblical Institute provided the bottled water at the speaker's rostrum for the Archer-Moloney press conference. Its scholars had nothing whatever to do with the book's content."

And perhaps, in the interest of reciprocal stupidity, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Simon Wiesenthal Center can joint host a press conference and book signing for the Institute of Historical Review's next book.


Remind me, when did St. Paul accuse St. Peter of ineptness and ask him to step down.

Also blaming JPII for the sex abuse scandals is a cheap shot as well.

Dale Price

Catholic Biblical Scholarship: Freeing the Bultmann Within Since 1965.

Really--when was the last time you saw anyone associated with the PBC support a Catholic distinctive? The assault on the historicity of the Gospels seems to be a membership requirement.

Robert Miller

Somehow the "sex abuse scandal" got injected into this thread.

So, since somebody brought it up, here's my take on it. The "scandal" is the persecution of the Church in the United States by the US government (through its courts and prosecutorial offices). The ultimate scandal is the submission of this country's bishops to the trial lawyers and moral idiots who moved these cases.

We need to fight this new laicist persecution of the Church with much better arguments than our bishops ("healing the hurts", etc. etc.)have been able to offer.

Steven Cornett

It seems to be the moral idiots who the bishops bent over to in dealing with this started with listening to the psychologists and secular "experts" instead of the centuries of moral teaching on the issue. I do recall that it was often on the advice of these "experts" that the offending clerics were freed to move to other parishes and re-offend.

In too many cases the Bishops are listening to secular experts in government, the legal profession, and the insurance industry (as in the "Talking about Touching" issue) and still not to the tradition of our church. Until that changes, this will only get worse, perhaps even resulting in churches closed and altars sacked by court order.

I also have to agree with Eric that our Pontiff should roundly and publicly condemn Fr. Moloney and Cardinal Martini (for his role in letting Moloney & Archer introduce the book in such a way meant to confuse, dishearten, and deceive many) and invite them to penance and prayer for their offenses. This seems to be one more case of the best lacking all conviction, while the worst of our enemies within (and without) work with passionate intensity against the Church and all we hold dear.

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